New extender setup is the best cure for poor WiFi signal intensity problems in the home or workplace. Extender is one of the leading manufacturers of wireless extensions, not only easy to set up, but also equally easy to manage. If you’re trying to set up a new setup of an extender. In order to set up your wifi range extender setup, here are the following steps.


The setup of the New extender repeats the wireless signal of all routers and offers the best connectivity in areas that are difficult to reach. Here’s the list of essentials for setting up your new extender setup.

The setup of the New Extender must be plugged in.

Remember the wireless setting of your existing router, i.e. Your wifi password or network / security key, SSID or wireless name.

Restore the setup of your wifi range extender.

You need the internet to work.

So, these are the necessary setup that you want to remember to set up the New setup for your extender. There are two ways to configure your New extender configuration: manual and WPS. For your new extender setup, both methods are given below.

New Extender Setup Via MANUAL METHOD

Manually set up the New Extender Setup? Here’s the following step:

In the same room, bring your computer or laptop and the New Extender setup.

Use your ethernet cable to connect your computer to an extender.

Now plug in an electrical outlet or socket with your computer and new extender setup.

Open your browser, and in the URL bar, type

A login page will open for view and your login details will be entered.

Type the network name ( SSID) of your router into the required options when your New Extender Setup screen appears.

Choose the manual option after that and turn the extender off for some time. Turn your wifi range extender setup on now.


Wireless protected setup (WPS) is a security standard for a wireless network that is useful for making a proper connection between the wireless device and extender. By using WPS, there are two ways to set up your new extender setup. You can either use the WPS button on the Extender or log in to the Web-based New Extender configuration.


Use the WPS button to follow the steps below for configuring the New Extender:

Plug in an electrical socket with your wifi range extender setup.

On the new extensor setup, press the WPS button.

Check your devices for the WPS LED as it displays the status of your New Extender setup.

Ensure that the power lights on the extender are lit, which means that your router is configured for your extender.

That means your extender is connected to your router when the power light becomes solid green.


There are three web-based WPS setup options, namely: the WPS button, the use of the WPS pin and the pin of the router.


Open your web browser and search for AP.Setup and click the Wireless > WPS button, then click the WPS button on your wifi setup processing extender. After that, click the enable button and your router connects to your extender.

USE of the WPS PIN

If a WPS pin is required for your device, enter the serial number on your extension on the web-based page of the New Extender setup

USING the pin of the router

If your computer requires a router pin, enter the number on the third column of the web-based page of the Extender New setup.

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