Reliability First: Ziphawk CEO Bhawna Patkar Explains How People Depend on Ridesharing to Get Where They Need to Be

In past years, many people thought of ridesharing apps as a luxury in life. These days, as more people depend on this form of transportation, ridesharing reliability is extremely important. Many riders use these services to get to and from work, school, and home each day. 

When people depend on your ridesharing services, consistency is the name of the game. At Ziphawk, we take reliability to the next level. 

Ridesharing for Employment

In the current economy, millions of employees struggle to make ends meet. Owning a vehicle outright is not realistic for a lot of people. These hard-working citizens rely on public transportation and ridesharing services to get where they need to be on time. 

When people use ridesharing to get to work, they need reliability. Being late to work can jeopardize their jobs and leave them in a tight spot financially. Ridesharing is no longer an alternative form of transportation; for many people, their livelihoods depend on it. 

Punctuality is a big part of reliability when it comes to ridesharing services. Drivers must be punctual to ensure riders can get to work on time. At Ziphawk, we allow riders to schedule trips in advance to ensure we can have a driver ready at specific times during the day. 

City Living

Many people who live in the inner cities of America rely on ridesharing for transportation. These services are typically cheaper than taxi cabs and quicker than public transport. 

When living in major cities, it can be tricky to navigate with your own vehicle. That’s why ridesharing has become more important than ever to the average inner-city resident. 

Even in smaller cities, public transportation can cost you a lot of time. Private ridesharing provides you with comfort, convenience, and accessibility. With Ziphawk, you never have to worry about excessive wait times or unreliable transportation. We are always here to get you where you need to go. 

Safe, Private Transportation

Many parents are uncomfortable with putting their children on public buses and trains. For working parents who have no other option, ridesharing is a wonderful compromise. They can schedule rides with Ziphawk without worrying about their children coming into contact with unsafe passengers on public transportation. For many households in America, ridesharing is becoming the family norm. 

Ziphawk: Reliable and Safe

If you are looking for a modern solution to your transportation problems, schedule rides with Ziphawk. We are always reliable, on time, and safe to give you peace of mind and get you where you need to go. Our drivers are thoroughly vetted in criminal registries and fingerprint databases. You can trust Ziphawk for your family’s ridesharing needs. 

Whether you have to get to work, school, or somewhere fun, Ziphawk can get you there on time. You don’t have to wait in long lines for public transportation anymore. You can rely on our modern ridesharing business model for your daily needs. 

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