best smart TV in India
best smart TV in India

Samsung has been a popular name in the Indian electronics market. Over the years, Samsung has catered to the Indian population. Samsung TVs are known for their awesome features, pocket-friendly nature, and reliance. Samsung launched its first smart TV in 2008. Since then, the demand for smart TVs has constantly grown. With every update related to Samsung Smart TVs rolling into the market,

Samsung has addressed the preferences and wishes of its users. Every update seems to have revolutionized the world of Smart TVs. Samsung has completely changed the way we experience and watch television.

Since 2008, Samsung Smart TVs have come a long way. There have been new features added to the Samsung Smart TVs. It has also become more efficient with time. The latest Samsung Smart TVs come with a sleek design and beautiful Operating System. It has also adapted to the preferences of modern audiences and has made necessary modifications.

Presently, Samsung Smart TVs come with excellent internet connectivity, seamless streaming from various OTT platforms, convenient features like voice and motion commands, and more. They also allow connectivity across multiple devices like PC and smartphones. You can also access content from flash drives, play video games, run communication services, and more.

What contributed to Samsung TV’s claim to be “smart” was its state-of-the-art Operating System. Samsung introduced its Taizen platform when Smart TVs were launched. Samsung has regularly worked on Taizen’s updates to make it easier and convenient for the users.

The 2020 version was the most recent update made to Taizen users. It inclded novelty features like Dark Mode. Taizen has now featured a flawless interface that is easy to navigate. Taizen also comes with amazing offers and features like ad-free, control by voice. In recent years, Samsung has also integrated the Bixby too, which can sync up and control almost every other smart appliance in Indian households.

Samsung Smart TVs are often regarded as the best Smart TV in India. With the newest innovations like curved TVs, cloud service, and multiple screen support, Samsung TVs are really objects of marvel. Samsung Smart TVs contribute to a better immersive viewing experience for its audiences. These Smart TVs are available in various sizes and models. Here are some of the best Samsung LED 32 inch TVs that you need to keep in mind before purchasing your next Samsung Smart TVs:.

  • Samsung QN85A QLED

This Samsung Smart TV became immensely popular when it came out. It’s not just a smart TV, but the Samsung QN85A supported HD+ and HD 10 gaming as well. It provided razor-sharp imaging and powerful environment-based sound. This Smart TV also sported a sleek futuristic design and formed an aesthetic statement in a large number of Indian households. This smart TV is exceptionally adaptive, and it was able to automatically react with its environment and adjust its light settings. For the serious gamers, this Samsung TV also came with FreeSync VRR and ALLM to allow a smooth playing experience. The 2021 version of this model came with quick access to all it features. The other specifications held by the Samsung QN85A QLED are as follows:

  • Display: Ultra HD 4K Display Type
  • Display Technology: QLED
  • Operating system: Taizen OS

This Samsung Smart TV was one of the firsts to allow 4K video support. It also came with QLED support. The Samsung QN85A also comes with Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity. 

  • Samsung TU8000

The Samsung TU8000 is popular for its looks. The futuristic design of this Samsung Smart TV meets the innovation of today. Available in an extremely slim model, the Samsung TU8000 can also be wall mounted. With HD 10 and HD+ support, this smart TV can produce images with high contrast, which does not interfere with the user’s immersive viewing experience. This model is also equipped with an Auto Low Latency mode that allows the user to conveniently switch between playing and watching the TV without exerting any pressure on the TV system. This model is one of the most economical products in the market. Samsung TU8000.

  • Display: 4K video display type
  • Display technology: LED
  • Operating system: Taizen OS

The cost effective nature is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this model of Samsung Smart TV. This product is also able to display images at Chroma 4:4:4 and can be a used as a perfect laptop monitor. 

  • Samsung QN90A 

The Samsung QN90N is one of the best Samsung Smart TVs in the Indian market. It is cost effective, as this Samsung LED 32 inch price can be afforded by many. This Samsung Smart TV incorporated the latest QLED technology. The QLED imaging in this smart TV is supported by mini LED backlighting. This improves the contrast and the quality of the images produced on the screen. Samsung’s “Ultra Viewing Angle” also improves the viewing experience of the user. The Samsung QN90N also supports HDR content with much clarity. The features packed by the Samsung QN90A are as follows: 

  • Display: 1080p HD display 
  • Display technology: QLED technology with HD+ and HD 10
  • Operating system: Taizen OS

As one of the best Samsung Smart TV, Samsung QN90A prevents motion blur, improves response time and cuts down on input lag. This smart TV also allows you to stream from major OTT platforms like, Netflix, Sony LIV, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and others. While discussing the best smart TV in India, we cannot neglect Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. This is a large digital network serving 1600 plus Indian cities with the best consumer electronic products. Get the best price offers and EMI deals from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

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