If you’re looking for a straight-up yes or no, then let us tell you that it is not that easy. Basically, a lot of things have to be considered while thinking of traveling with expensive gold. Let us browse through all these things one by one and also understand the precautions you have to take if at all you decide to carry the jewellery with you after all.

  • Is it absolutely necessary?

The first and foremost thing to consider is whether it is essential to be carrying expensive jewellery with you? What occasion are you going for? Are you going to attend a wedding or an event abroad? Or is it a trip with friends? Is it an educational tour or just an annual summer vacation?

If you are going to attend some fancy function then you don’t have much choice. Carrying jewelry might really be important. Even then you can see if some alternative such as imitation jewelry can be arranged so you don’t have to carry actual heavy and expensive pieces. There are a lot many imitation jewellery available in the market today that look as good as or sometimes even better than real jewelry. You could consider that option.

  • How far are you traveling?

Are you going somewhere really far? Or is it a nearby country that can be reached easily? Will you be taking a flight or your own car?

If you are traveling in your own car then the risk involved in carrying expensive jewellery is considerably less. Since you’ll be in control of your bags the whole time, it will be a much safer experience overall. In-flight maybe you could request to keep it in hand luggage with you instead of sending it through the cargo.

  • Is it insured?

It is always a good idea to get your expensive jewellery insured. In case of theft or any other mishaps, there is one security at least of getting the money back. We suggest that if your jewellery isn’t insured, then maybe it’s not such a good idea to travel along with it. The best example for this would be Hidden halo engagement rings, or any engagement rings for that matter. Always get them insured so you have one thing less to worry about.

Tips to travel with jewellery safely

  1. It’s always better to carry than wear. You don’t need to be roaming around like a portable jewellery showcase demanding unwanted attention. Best to carry it in your hand luggage.
  2. Pack it well. There are several packing items available in the market especially for jewelry such as rolls, bags, cushions, boxes, etc. Use tons of bubble wrap to keep it safe from damage during movement.
  • Keep a log of the jewelry you are carrying and alert the concerned officials in advance in case of Customs issues.
  1. NEVER leave your jewelry unattended. In the hotel room, keep it locked inside the safe.
  2. Do not post showy pictures on social media. It is extremely unsafe to let people know you’re in an unknown place with expensive items.

There is no fool-proof method to stay safe, but these are just a few tips that could be of use. If you own a fancy and expensive engagement ring London, then either leave it at home and wear a fake simple one just as a symbol or the simplest way is to keep your hands to yourself to avoid attracting too much attention.

We still believe it is best to avoid carrying expensive jewelry on trips abroad, but if it is absolutely necessary and do take utmost care and act responsibly.

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