Some Bloggers To Watch Out For In 2020

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi
Bloggers To Watch in 2020

These are Some of the Bloggers To Watch Out For In 2020.

Now the day is over,
Night is drawing nigh;
Shadows of the evening
Steal across the sky.
Now the darkness gathers,
Stars begin to peep,
Birds and beasts and flowers
Soon will be ….

This was my favourite song during primary school days. This was one song which was sang every afternoon before we head towards to the house. For some unserious students like myself, being ordered by our teacher to sing that song brought joy unto our faces. Hoping that tomorrow never come unless it was Friday. HAHAHA!
Of course things have taken a new look and the name Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is more serious than ever. I am now an avid blogger and that has of course brought in soo many successes! Hahaha! At least I am now more confident than ever. 2013 is just a few days drawing nigh and sooner than later, we will be welcoming 2014.

And that of course has shaped my post today. 10+1 Blogger you need to watch in 2014 is  what today’s post is all about.

C’mon, let’s look at some those bloggers you ought to watch in this coming year. Let me reiterate the point that they are not of course in any order of rankings.

Sriram is one name which one has to pay attention in this coming year. I have known Sriram for a quite number of months. I think I can boldly state throughout the beginning of 2013.
This young guy is very enthusiastic about what he does and within a short time managed to choke some massive successes on his blog. Sriram, how old are you? I think I do know answer. 14, right?
Probably the youngest guy this blogosphere with such an enviable record. Sriram is the brain behind Revealing The Stuffs.

He is obviously revealing those stuffs. Let’s check out those interesting stuffs which has being revealed;
You know what? Nosa E. Nosa is the name behind Thatnaijablog.  He is one of the bosses in this blogging world but yet still he doesn’t want to accept that. We are the best of pals. Not a day passes without him sending me a message just to ask how am doing.

Nosa had a lot of impact in 2013 and there is of course no doubt 2014 is even going to be better. His blog is reigning high where everything with respect to gaming, technology, blogging and my favourite, personal developments are shared.

The Resource Garage man is one man to watch in 2014. Have a look at some of those lovely stuffs which had spurned out from Thatnaijablog over the course of the year.
-Multiple Questions Bloggers and Entrepreneurs don’t want to ask themselves.
Who made such a great impact in this blogosphere? And obviously all fingers will be pointing to the name above. Madam Harleena Singh will be name on the lips of every blogger.

She took the blogging arena by storm and just within some few months was all over the place making her one of the greatest pioneers in this blogosphere. She is a mother and there is no doubt she is a mother of Blogging as well.
In 2014, one name which everyone ought to watch is her.  Aha-now is where those chronicles of hers are shared.
Let us look at some of those interesting insights she shared during the course of 2013;
As to which of his name is his surname, I can’t tell. Hahaha! But I think this is something which is not important but the important thing is to watch out what Gilbert Samuel has to offer in 2014.

Maybe, we should cut this here and bring you the next version of this post so as you can find the time to read and elaborate more about this.

Thank you for reading this interesting post as well. Keep updated always by visiting this platform for your everyday news.

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