Sal Magluta Net Worth (Biography, business, and Magluta’s arrest)

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Sal Magluta is a popular drug dealer, media personality, entrepreneur, speed boat, and racer from the United States. He is the mastermind behind the country’s major drug trade.

Sal Maguta net worth is estimated to be $2 billion.

Sal Magluta’s net worth

Drug lord Sal Magluta controls one of the biggest cocaine smuggling organizations. He and his best friend Willie Falcon smuggled cocaine who once had more than $2 billion in cash. Sal Magluta’s net worth is $2 billion.

NameSal Magluta
BirthdateNovember 5, 1954
ProfessionDrug Dealer, SpeedBoat racer
Age67 years old
Height5 ft 9 in
Net worth$2 billion

Sal Magluta’s biography

Salvador Magluta was an entrepreneur, internet personality, and speedboat racer. He won multiple races and became one of the members of the American PowerBoat Association. Sal Magluta’s date of birth is November 5, 1954 and he is Manuel Magluta and Gloria’s son. His parents own a small bakery in his hometown.

He attended a local primary school in Miami and later enrolled in Miami Senior High School.

He grew up in Cuba with one of his closest friends Willy Falcon. Sal Magluta and Falcon were best buddies and started drug dealings in high school. They even chose to drop out of high school together, which further boosted them for selling cocaine and marijuana drugs and doing the drug trade full time. 

And today, Sal Magluta net worth has reached billions.

Sal Magluta worked alongside his best friend, Augusto Willy Falcon. They dropped out to pursue the profession of drug dealer full-time for quick cash. They gradually connected and collaborated to learn that each had a unique talent.

Sal and Falcon teamed up; one would bring in clients while the other would make negotiations and agreements. Their network started to expand, and they built a reputation as suppliers of drugs like cocaine and marijuana. It eventually led to their bigger transactions. 

Willy was rumoured to be unaware of their earnings, but the duo continued to support one another. One of their early successes was a huge deal to dispose of 30 kilos of cocaine for a friend named Jorge Valdes.

Sal opened offshore bank accounts to hide his income. He also generously gave back to his community and then re-invested the rest for future earnings. Furthermore, he spent his black money on everything from high-speed boat racing to construction companies and real estate.

However, in April 1991, Salvador Magluta and Willy were arrested by federal agents for drug trafficking. This included the import of nearly 75 tonnes of cocaine.

Sal Magluta Seized

Following this, the US Marshals Service seized nearly $16 million in Sal and Willy’s property, more money, jewellery, and other assets.

Willie and Sal became known as the Cocaine Cowboys, the kings by their associates and lived a lavish life in big mansions filled with all the luxuries money could buy.

Sal Magluta net worth is estimated to be $2 billion. However, he will most probably continue the struggle to remain anonymous for the rest of his life. 

In 1997, he was convicted of bribery and drug trafficking and sentenced to about nine years in federal prison.

Surprisingly, they were not found guilty after a trial that lasted many years. It was because of the bribes they paid to those within the system and the network of influential people they had in their circle. He was eventually granted bail and moved into real estate, which helped him hide his illegal money.

Sal Magluta was sentenced to 9 years in prison for coming out on bail in 1997. He was later sentenced to 205 years in federal prison for the multiple crimes he was accused of.

Because of Sal Magluta’s net worth and his criminal history, he became one of the most wanted individuals across the country. 

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Personal life

Talking about personal life, Sal Magluta is married to Isabel Magluta. Not much information is available about Sal Magluta’s siblings.

In his earlier days, he met Marilyn Bonachea (his ex-girlfriend) when she was working at his parents’ Miami bakery one summer. At that time, they were both in high school. They began dating soon after having a couple of meet-ups. She had no idea that a summer job at a bakery would change her life unpredictably.

She would have never thought Sal Magluta would conquer the Miami cocaine world with his partner Willie Falcon in the 1980s.

 This made Sal Magluta net worth more than $2 billion by delivering at least 75 tonnes of cocaine into the United States from Colombia. Marilyn supported Sal after his indictment on drug dealing charges in 1991, after years of evading the police. She even got a fake paralegal license to visit Sal in prison.

Marilyn helped Sal track

Marilyn had helped Sal track his payments when he was on trial. While Sal Magluta was in jail awaiting trial, she laundered $7.7 million on his behalf.

She hid for more than a year until being arrested in April 1998. Marilyn was caught in the process and faced 200 years in prison, causing her to agree to provide the proof needed for Sal Magluta’s arrest.

After the arrest, she helped the government with the inquiry by wearing a wire to facilitate the government in arresting the former drug lord Jorge Valdez. She also testified against Falcon, Magluta, and their associates in six cases.

At that time, Marilyn was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression and was taking medicines for it. Authorities had to send her to rehab afterwards.

Marilyn Bonachea was given the Witness Protection Program from 2001 to 2003. She says in Cocaine Cowboys (a crime drama) that she lost everything in her life except her son. It happened because she chose to testify against her old friends and aid the government.

Marilyn graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication in 1991. According to her Linkedin profile, she still lives in Florida, just a little north of Miami. 

Wrap up

 Sal Magluta net worth is reported to be $2 billion. He is a former drug lord of Cuban descent. Together with his friends, Sal spent a lavish and prestigious life.

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