It’s necessary to know about the 4Cs of a diamond, even if you don’t buy diamonds in the first place. The 4Cs of a diamond includes cut, clarity, colour, and carat the diamond. So, these are the four essential qualities of a diamond that make it pure and authentic.

If you are worried about selecting pure diamonds, make sure you get the perfect assessment of 4 c’s diamond.

This article will discuss the 4Cs and engagement ring etiquette.

Understand the 4Cs: Let’s begin with the cut of diamonds. The cut of diamonds usually indicatesthe purity of the diamond. You can check the cut through light examination or with a microscope. Gemmologists and experts determine the cut and how polished the diamond is.

It also varies from natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Usually, lab diamonds have sharper cut and finish than natural diamonds.

In the second part of the diamond the 4 c’s come with clarity. Clarity determines the inclusions or impurities you get from diamonds. It doesn’t seem visible, but when you put the stone under a microscope, it will show the inclusions.

And natural diamonds have more inclusions or impurities than lab diamonds because they are mined straight underneath the earth.

It’s time to talk about the colours of diamonds, where it implies a significant difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. The colour ranges are different as diamond making is different between lab diamonds and real ones.

You will get almost all colours in lab diamonds, but natural diamonds have only a few rare colours that grow naturally.

The carat size of the diamond depicts the weight and overall size of the diamond. You can get a small piece of diamond within a significant carat size, but the bigger the stone, the more carat size you must count.

So, when you know the 4Cs of diamonds and get the certification on point, you will know you are dealing with the pure diamonds here.

Engagement Ring Etiquette: In terms of maintaining the etiquette of an engagement ring, you should know a few factors.

First, why should you need the ring? If you are determined in getting engaged and spend the rest of your life with her, you are welcome to buy the engagement ring.

Then, how much budget you should keep for the engagement ring? The answer is simple. If you are determined to buy the ring, you will find a way to make it perfect. No matter what the amount is, choose according to your partner’s choice.

What about the maintenance of the ring? You should always focus on keeping your engagement ring on the safe side since it’s a symbol of your love and commitment. Therefore, choose a safe and sound place to store the ring when dealing with rough tasks with your hands.

Overall, know how to keep your engagement ring well for years after years because it’s not about only money, but about emotions.

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