The Australian Millions Poker Championship is held yearly at the Crown Casino in Melbourne on Major Playground Toto

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Poker is played in dozens of different types and game styles throughout the preliminary tournaments. However, the Main Event is always메이저놀이터 a no-limit version of Texas hold ’em. The tournament’s first two years had a pot limit, and the initial investment to participate was a mere $1,000.

To accommodate

To accommodate all of the players from메이저놀이터 other countries interested in participating in the EventEvent, the organizers altered the game format and increased the buy-in amount. The current buy-in is $10,000 plus an additional $500.

The main distinction

The main distinction between the Aussie Millions Main Event and many other major poker tournaments is that it begins with eight players at each table rather than nine players. This is one of the primary differences when the number of players is reduced to the top thirty-six, the game structure changes to a six-handed competition.


The reduced number of opponents affects the players’ strategic choices. The fact that fewer people are competing in each round causes it to move along more quickly.

Poker professionals are aware of the fact that games with fewer players require more aggressive play. Because fewer players are involved, you normally raise more frequently and call less frequently than in other situations.

Poker players that play professionally like the fact that the Crown Australian Poker Championship has a diversified structure because it makes it simpler for them to eliminate less experienced players and demonstrates their ability to adapt to new situations.

They are aware of the players who do not alter their strategy and focus their attention on those players. Amateur players may feel scared by this, which leads to them making errors in their play.

On the surface, the Aussie Millions and other poker events are very similar. However, the tournament’s distinctive structure requires players to apply a variety of talents and adapt. Because of this, it is different from your typical poker tournament.

Winners of the Main Event of Previous Aussie Millions of Tournaments

Since the beginning of the tournament, we’ve compiled a list of all of the Crown Australian Poker Championships winners, the prize pools and the total number of players who entered the competition.Winner of the Competition in a Given Year First-Place Prize Number of Participants Total Prize Pool


  • 318 million, 820 dollars Vincent Wan (Australia)
  • $8,200,000
  • 2019 Bryn Kenney (United States) $1,272,598 822 $8,220,000 in earnings
  • Toby Lewis of England won $1,458,198,800 in 2018.
  • $8,000,000
  • 2017 ShuraneVijayaram (Australia) $1,600,000 725
  • $7,685,000
  • 2016 Ari Engel (Canada) $1,600,000 732 $7,320,000
  • 2015 Manny Stavropoulos (Australia) was awarded $1,385,500 648.
  • $6,480,000
  • 2014 Ami Barer (Canada) $1,600,000 668
  • $6,680,000
  • 2013 Mervin Chan (Malaysia) $1,600,000 629 $6,290,000
  • 2012 Oliver Speidel (Australia) $1,600,000 659 $6,590,000
  • 2011 David Gorr (Australia) Two Million Seven Hundred Twenty-One Thousand Seven Hundred Ten Thousand Dollars and Two Hundred Ten Thousand Seven Hundred Ten Thousand Dollars and
  • 2010 Tyron Krost (Australia) Two Million Seven Hundred And Forty-Six Thousand Seven Hundred And Forty-Six Thousand Dollars
  • 2009 Stewart Scott (Australia) $2,000,000 681 $6,810,000
  • 2008 Alexander Kostritsyn (Russia) $1,650,000 780 $7,758,500
  • 2007 Gus Hansen (Denmark) $1,500,000 747
  • $7,470,000
  • $1,295,800.00 418 $4,180,000.00 Lee Nelson (New Zealand), 2006 $1,295,800.00 418
  • 2005 Jamil Dia (New Zealand) $1,000,000 263 $2,630,000
  • Tony Bloom of England won $426,500 in 2004. 133
  • $1,330,000
  • $394,870 122 Peter Costa (England) in 2003
  • $1,220,000\s2002
  • $150,000 awarded to John Maver from Australia 66
  • $330,000
  • 2001
  • Sam Korman (Australia) $53,025 101
  • $151,500
  • 2000
  • Leo Boxell (Australia) $65,225 109 $173,500
  • 1999
  • Milo Nadalin (Australia) $38,150 109 $109,000
  • 1998
  • Alex Horowitz (Australia) won $25,900 and took home $74,000.
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