flower delivery services around the world

A special occasion is coming up: maybe it’s Mother’s Day, a long-time co-worker’s departure, or maybe you’re just looking to brighten your companion’s day. There’s no better way to show your appreciation and care than through a beautifully crafted bouquet of blooms.

But… you’ve never bought flowers before. Maybe you don’t even know a peony from a pansy! So where do you start? How do you know what to pick and how can you make sure that you are delivering the best gift possible to your friend, loved one, or another such recipient? Not to worry! We’ve got your back. In this list, we’ll let you in on the best places to buy flowers in Canada.

1. Bloomex

Bloomex is our number one choice for ah-mazing quality flower arrangements. Especially for the first-time flower buyer, you might have questions about products or flower delivery. Bloomex provides customers best-in-class support with their live chat feature on their website and friendly customer service. They also offer contact-free delivery abiding by health & safety standards providing safe and timely delivery of your garden variety gift. Best of all, you won’t find better prices anywhere else. As Canada’s official florist, Bloomex supplies flowers directly from local florists to deliver them as quickly as possible.

2. Urban Stems

Urban Stems is a flower shop turned gift-giving company with a strong focus on aesthetics and delivery. Having started in New York, Urban Stems have expanded to Canada to offer their unique and beautiful flower arrangements. Their emphasis on quality is thanks to their flower processing system which takes the flowers directly from farms to their fulfillment center to build the arrangements and truly shows in their beautifully curated bouquets.

3. Nectar Flowers Ottawa

Nectar Flowers Ottawa, located in Canada’s capital city boasts beautiful arrangements of classic flowers such as roses, lilies, carnations, and other plant gifts. Nectar Flowers offers customers the ability to pick up flowers directly from their east-end location or have flowers delivered directly to your recipient. Keep in mind that some flower varieties may not be available to be delivered on certain dates to make sure the flowers are as fresh as possible.

4. Canada Flowers

Canada Flowers is another great choice for purchasing flowers at competitive prices. Canada Flowers started as a brick-and-mortar business with other 50 years in the florist business, long before the Internet was conceived. As the virtual world took the world by storm, they have continued building their reputation as a flower delivery service since 1997. As experts in the flower industry, all of Canada Flowers products are locally designed and professionally prepared by hand by real florists.

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