The Smart Thermostat You Need For Your Home

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

What would we do without our thermostats? In the summer they keep our homes cool and air conditioned, and then warm and cozy during the winter season. We’re also quite familiar with the arguments and occasional complaints when our dads turn up the temperature to an eco-friendly mode in order to save on the bills. The man’s got his reasons, but eventually everyone in the household has to compromise.

Another frequent problem that we run into with our thermostats is when the last person to leave the house tends to unintentionally forget to turn off the thermostat, either in a rush to get to first period or avoid walking in after our boss. It’s a common habit so if that is you, you’re not alone – but the panic that follows after is of course overwhelming.

There is a solution to all the issues we face because of our thermostats though. If your thermostat is giving your life problems then we have the perfect device: the Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat. Time to take back your power from that mechanical device!

Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat

The Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat retails for $169, and if purchased with the Honeywell home smart room sensor, this bundle is priced at $199.99.

Trading out your standard home thermostat with this brilliant device will be the upgrade your home needs and here’s why. The Honeywell T9 thermostat connects to the home Wi-Fi network and is accessible through the Honeywell Home app that can be downloaded onto your smartphones, tablets and laptops. That gives you complete and literal remote control of your smart thermostat – you could be driving back home and turn on the air conditioning with your phone, and come home to a cool living room. Did you ever think that was possible?

Another reason why the Honeywell T9 is a smart thermostat is because overtime the T9 learns your preferred heating and cooling settings, and temperatures in order to automatically adjust itself to make your home cozier. The device also helps save on energy consumption by sensing your presence. With the help of the Honeywell Home app, the device can determine whether you are within your home or if it’s empty. With that it automatically shuts itself off. A device that saves energy and in turn cuts back on the electric bills, what more could you want?

Honeywell Smart Room Sensors

Adding Smart Room Sensors to the Honeywell Home T9 device can open up a whole other platform of features. If you were to install a T9 smart thermostat in your home, you could pair it with up to 20 smart sensors – not that there’s 20 different corners that you’ll want to place these in realistically speaking, but that is how strong the T9 device is.

Retailing for $39.99, the Honeywell Smart Sensors can individually control temperatures in the designated areas where they have been installed, allowing you to prioritize each room as you wish. You could prefer a cooler temperature in the living area as opposed to your bedroom. With the Honeywell Smart Sensor that’s very easy to do so.

Additional features of the T9 and Smart Sensors.

Having a smart thermostat installed in your home is pretty much all about convenience. With that, the T9 and its smart sensors can be controlled through the Honeywell Home app as we mentioned previously, but what’s more is that you can even set schedules for each of these devices individually. That means just as you would set the schedule for your smart light on the porch to switch on at 7p.m. every day, similarly you can set a schedule for your smart thermostat to let’s say turn off around This way you won’t have to worry about whether you forgot to turn off the thermostat in a rush to get to work – the schedule would automatically turn it off, or you could even just pick up your phone and do it through the app. Whatever works for you!

The Honeywell Home app also sends alerts and notifications to your mobile devices in the case of a filter needing a change. The T9 however, also features motion detection, with which it can detect whether someone is just simply passing by the room or is there to stay, therefore controlling its functioning in that manner.

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