Indeed, love jihad is a dull truth of the world we are living in. The alarming thing about this training is that the alleged ‘instructed’ part of the specific network is associated with it. I was only a stage away from turning into a survivor of one.

I experienced childhood in an extremely typical present-day family. It is basic at my place to take educational costs from the understudies concentrating in the Government Colleges at my place while getting ready for selection tests. And, this is the way Zia came into my life.

Presently, when I met Zia, he was in his second year of M.B.B.S. He should mentor me in Biology. Presently, Zia! What do I tell about him? He was enchanting for everybody around him. He was beguiling, attractive and an amazingly all around read fellow. He thought about nearly everything occurring on the planet. In my city, where each individual is massively taught and learned, he figured out how to remain over the group.

Like each other young lady, even I was stricken by his appeal. As the age hole among us was not so huge, we turned out to be truly old buddies. We began looking at everything under the sky, he demonstrated to me another world view and how might I be able to as a 21st century free and an exceptionally stable headed young lady not be dazzled by that portion of insight?

True to form, one thing prompted another and we were dating.

Then, I cleared my placement test and got affirmation in a similar clinical school where he was contemplating.

While I was at school, we were going solid. There were various mystery dates and meetings. I like to keep things hidden and was likewise terrified of how my folks may respond to it. He was in every case defensive about me and I totally cherished it. I most likely had the best of a great time in those years. 3 years passed by like that and since he came from a moderate family, discusses his marriage began.

He informed me concerning it and ask me when will I be prepared for marriage. At the point when I disclosed to him that it’s impractical until I get my degree first, similar to the excessively strong person he was, he said not to trouble till the time we both were prepared.

He had by than previously told his family and stood firm for our connections. As per what he let me know, there was a colossal battle between his father and him followed by contentions crossing over numerous days. He said that he even left his home and was at the inn for close to 30 days before his folks gave in their assent. Ultimately, he requested that I proceed to meet his family. The primary day I went to his home, it was an immense social stun for me. To start with, the region he remained in was a finished Muslim overwhelmed territory. It watched directly out of Pakistan. The ladies at his home appeared as though they had no voice, they looked meek with their head covered and mouths shut. This ought to have been my first admonition as in what was going to come in any case, I decided to neglect every one of them at that point. In my brain, I figured dislike they can actually tame somebody like me who will be a specialist in a year or so to come and will have an individual personality dissimilar to the women at their home. I went to his home on various occasions. I gradually began seeing an example. Each time I went to his place, his senior sister(who was evidently hitched however I generally observed her doing nothing at Zia’s place) would begin playing Peace Tv which consistently had Zakir Naik’s

lectures on it. There were a number of times when we had conversations over religion and I was vocal about the way that religion shouldn’t be constrained. I even revealed to them previously that there shouldn’t be any interest in change as I am happier with following the religion I was brought into the world in and that it would hurt my family’s slants. Her sister gradually began remarking on my garments and vocation decisions. As indicated by her, being so professionally arranged is a loss as the focal point of any young lady should be in keeping their significant other upbeat so they don’t get another spouse. At whatever point I faced Zia about my feelings of trepidation, he generally guaranteed me that things will be diverse for us. I won’t actually be compelled to do anything without wanting to. It was in these discussions that I understood what wasn’t right with the entire Islamic world. This people group will never acknowledge that their religion which was recorded many years back may have something defective and inadmissible remembering the current world work situation. On the off chance that you disclose to me that there are sure practices in Hinduism which are wrong, I will give your recognition a veritable idea. What’s more, on the off chance that I feel it’s correct remembering the real factors, I would thoroughly acknowledge its defect whereas Muslims can’t shoulder a word against their religion. The entire base of the religion was rough and the individuals of the network are continually taken care of with lies and controlled realities.

Likewise, something different changed, before the discussions of marriage began, we never truly engaged in sexual relations on account of his strict convictions which were wandered aimlessly as indicated by his solace. Whatever. When I began heading off to his place, he began getting truly personal in the protection of his rooms. For me, it was entirely awkward envisioning his family under a similar rooftop. At the point when I inquired as to whether it was not strange for him to take me inside his room within the sight of his family and how his traditionalist family is abruptly so cool with us being distant from everyone else together constantly. To which he said that since it’s affirmed that we will wind up getting hitched, nobody planned to state anything.

Ultimately he caused me to understand that there was no utilization keeping down our inclinations any longer and we ought to engage in sexual relations.

I lost my virginity to this person and now when I play those recollections back in my psyche, I understand that it was unquestionably not his first time. I recollect the principal thing he let me know after sex. It was, ‘Abdominal muscle toh kahi nahi ja sakti tum mujhe chodh ke’ **There is no chance you are leaving me after this.**

He began calling me to his home all the more as often as possible after that. At times two times per day, and each and every visit included sex.

I saw another adjustment in him, he began attempting to control me to not enlighten my folks regarding the relationship on the guise that they won’t concur and rather run off at the earliest opportunity.

His reasons sounded exceptionally certifiable and consistent with me. Additionally, in light of the fact that subsequent to seeing the predicament of Zia’s home, I was certain my folks could never consent to this marriage. He likewise began carrying on significantly more moderately, requested that I begin covering my head when I go to his place which the senseless me-from-the-past followed loyally. I was enamored! Zia gradually turned out to be isolated and erased all his web-based media handles.

In the wake of viewing Zakir Naik’s recordings consistently, my discernment about Islam was on the change also. I began thinking that possibly the network and the conviction isn’t that awful by any means, perhaps the world is really against them. I was programmed so much that I really began identifying with Bin Laden. I am thankful for such an extent that and after its all said and done I had a sensible voice someplace in my brain which consistently scrutinized each and everything. All these continued for about the long term.

One night he rang me to request me to bring along a new pair of cloth (including underpants) to his home.

I went there and saw that there were more individuals at his home than expected.

I had a weird inclination that evening, a feeling I can’t clarify. It’s as a rule at the focal point of your gut disclosing to you something terrible was going to occur. What’s more, I couldn’t simply snap it off.

At the point when I got some information about them, he said they were from the neighboring mosque.

He took me to his room and as normal engaged in sexual relations.

Yet, there was something other than what’s expected that he was additionally mindful as though this was a nearly saying ‘sorry’ represent what he was going to do.

I don’t have the foggiest idea, I don’t figure any words can’t portray the inclination I had that day. It ultimately spared me from a great difficult situation that might have followed.

He requested that I clean up and change to the new garments.

While I was at the washroom I messaged about my whereabouts to the main 2 individuals who thought about our relationship(my closest companions).

In the wake of sprucing up, he took me first floor and there was at that point a maulana who was sitting at the middle. Zia gradually and nonchalantly revealed to me that i should simply rehash the Kalma after the Maulana for change as the others from the network are not ready to welcome in a non-muslim which will be trailed by a little Nikaah. He attempted to make it sound extremely energizing and cheerful. I disclosed to him that I am not getting hitched to the network and if the terms of transformation was not there a year back when he acquainted me with his family, it shouldn’t be there now. All individuals were taking a gander at me presently, being truly overall quite sweet making statements like ‘Allah tumhe Jannat naseeb karenge’, ‘Pyar me liye toh log duniya mein Kya kuch nahi karte’ ‘Allah ke raaste se barkar kuch nahi hota hai’ ‘Tum jaisi padhi likkhi khubsurat ladki humare kaum ki boycott jayegi, toh usse acchi baat Kya ho sakti hai?’

Zia in a real sense pulled me to the focal point of the room, and when I opposed, the maulana came to hit me. Those 10-15 mins of my life are what bad dreams are comprised of.

Another man from some place said something which in an extremely respectful interpretation would be something like, ‘Did you not fulfill her now? She should be quiet. For what reason would she say she is getting so fastidious?’

Somebody added that I should be taken higher up and be given another portion of relaxant( he implied sex).

At the point when the entirety of this was going on, I don’t have the foggiest idea what came over me, my brain was quiet and figuring the opportunity of me escaping that place without getting hurt and keeping my poise flawless. When we arrived at his room, I revealed to Zia that I messaged my companions about being at his place. He thought I was feigning yet I indicated him the messages.

I disclosed to him that it would not take much for my father to become acquainted with about this.

Unexpected development? Presently, my Dad is know is a District Magistrate. I have never been more appreciative about his calling the truth.

This story is of a woman name Shruti other information has not disclosed because of privacy threats.

Publisher:- Shruti Agarwal
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