The Unbiased Reality Of Love Jihad

Love Jihad, additionally called Sex Jihad, is AN current activity of the Muslim community that supported Koranic teachings on Sabah and Nikah-E- Mutah underneath that young Muslim boys and men target young girls’ happiness to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.

The fraud of affection is then followed up with criminal sex, luring the women with sweet talk, deceit, and bluff. Implementing the Love Jihad strategy fraudulently or forcefully, common meccas (Muslims) to Mughal meccas converted countless Hindu girls? Which exponentially raised the number of terrorism followers from a mere 1200 in the 11th century in The Asian country to over 450 million Muslims in Indian landmass by the start of the 21st century (Indian subcontinent, Whole Asian country ? India, Pakistan, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Nepal, Shri Lanka, and Bhutan nations).

 History of Love Jihad, Rape Jihad, and Slavery in Mughal Terrorism.

Why Muslim Men Prefer Hindu Girls For Marriage

It is a regular observation of Muslims in India. A Muslim continuously prefers a Hindu woman either as a married person for a few years or as a slave for the lifespan of sexual enjoyment. Later cleverly, Muslims use the term divorce or constitutional freedom to induce an eliminate Hindu girl once abusing her sexually for a few years.

Once more preparing as one Muslim to search out new Hindu girls. So why is love jihad favored by Muslim boys, and their parents, sisters? Attributable to Islamic law laws, Islamic law permits a Muslim man to possess four wives. In conjunction with having wives; he will always pursue Nikah-E- Mutah (Marriage for enjoyment). As per the sacred writing quote?

If a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman (Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Christian), and manufactures many Muslim youngsters through her, he\’s doing an excellent service to Islam and Mohammed?.

In this Nikah, he will have as many (second fiddle) wives as he needs only for sexual pleasure. There are 2 main streams in Islam. They need circumstantially completely different views regarding it, although each imposes explanation sexual pleasure from non-Muslim women, with the permission given by God for such illicit relationships beneath the steering of Mohammad.

Blackmail and rape in love jihad

There is more than one aspect of love jihad. One thing of love jihad carried out by using Muslim terrorists is the allurement of a  woman and eloping, later changing her to

Blackmail and rape in love jihad

There is more than one aspect of love jihad. One thing more about love jihad carried out via the use of Muslim terrorists seems to be the love and planning a wedding with a non-Muslim woman later changing her to Islam. Giving birth to 7 to 9 children and then divorce just by saying talaq ( translation of divorce in Urdu).

The sufferer lady might turn out to be a spouse or end up as a non-Muslim intercourse slave for his pals/family. Advances of pushing the female into a prostitution racket or as a sex slave of Muslim terrorists is likewise mentioned earlier.

Every other component is drugging her or making her routine to alcohol or spending greater time with her to expand her bodily relationship than making hidden videos of sex to blackmail her for trapping more non-Muslim ladies.

Kerala catholic association performed a confessional look at Christian love jihad victims. They located that out of 20 love jihad sufferers best 3 women were married to Muslim terrorists. Relaxation 17 were made as intercourse toys, in the long run, those Christian girls married to Christian boys.

This amounts to cheating as Christian boys were robbed of virgin ladies by way of Muslim love jihad terrorists. The look at turned into kept in a closed institution to alert Christian women till it becomes revealed to the arena by means of the few members to keep more Christian girls from entrapment of affection jihad. Their survey discovered an unsightly fact.

Many Muslim terrorists did abuse Hindu or Christian ladies as sex toys, they abuse them, beat them, blackmail them then marry a Muslim lady.

Gangster cult Islam denigrates the modesty of a female with the aid of either making her a terrorist breeding womb or abusing her as an intercourse toy.

Writer: Shruti Agarwal

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