The worst careers in India that will make your ending miserable

Farming: “Every day, 28 people dependent on farming die by suicide in India suicide in India.” People in the farm sector accounted for 7.4 percent of the total suicides in India, according to the latest N.C.R.B report.

Now, you can understand the consciousness of why not to choose farming as a career. In the future, I will write a dedicated article on farming. Even banks don’t provide loans to poor farmers.

The term credit is not favorable for poor farmers and peasants because it required collaterals and complicated paperwork that cannot be understood by illiterate, uneducated, and poor farmers.

” Around 18 percent of respondents surveyed said it was because of family pressure that they are continuing with farming.” Source:- DTE

“The survey of 5,000 farm households across 18 states says that 76 percent of farmers would prefer to do some work other than farming.”

“Sixty-one percent of these farmers would prefer to be employed in cities because of better education, health, and employment avenues there. A high percentage of farmers complained of repeated losses; 70 percent of respondents said their crops were destroyed because of unseasonal rains, drought, floods, and pest attack.”

Sources:- DTE

In the absence of market place, the local traders dominate the market, and the exploitation of farmers takes place.


This career is a favorite among Indian parents that’s why the 15 lakh engineering graduates India produces every year, 20-30% of them do not find jobs, despite these conditions one-sixth of Indians opt for engineering after finishing schooling, not everyone does it out of choice.

A study in 2014 found that there is a large mismatch in the aspirations of graduating engineers and their job readiness. 97% of engineers aspire for a job in IT and core engineering. However, only 18.43% employable in IT & 7.49% in core engineering.

 The National Employability Report, Engineering Graduates – 2014 by Aspiring Minds says that less than one out of four engineering graduates are employable. Another study has shown that one-third of the engineers do not possess simple mathematical skills that they ought to know.

25-35% of the engineers are unable to comprehend English usage in basic conversations.

“In India, almost 80% of Engineer  students are unemployed”

Source:-  “All India Survey on Higher Education (A.I.S.H.E)”.”Not only this in India driver yearly earns more than the engineer.” T.V MOHANDAS PAI

 Chairman of  M.G.E

Manual Scavenging:  Manual scavenging refers to the practice of manually cleaning, carrying, disposing, or handling in any manner, human excreta from dry latrines and sewers. It required mugs, buckets, brooms, and baskets. Manual scavengers are amongst the poorest and from the lower cast.

The most awkward thing about this career that nobody is willing to give you a job or any other work even many people will start practicing untouchability which not only happens in India but in many other South-Asian countries.

99% of those involved are from SC/ST   ( Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes ). Without any protective gears. Women are paid lesser for the same work than men, though 95% of manual scavenger are women. Adding insult to injury, this vicious practice is a direct violation of Article 17, which abolishes untouchability.

Your self-respect and self-esteem will totally be destroyed if you choose this profession in any situation.


This career is most common in females and considered the best part-time career in India.

However, the salary they get is lower than 70 $ per month. Even if you will get a job you will not pay for the first month they don’t mind whether you are experienced or inexperienced.

Your salary will be deducted whether you take leave by informing them or in an emergency.

Schools don’t mind what was the emergency they just deduct an amount from your income. Some schools don’t give a bonus at festivals and no extra payment for extra work whether you are working on weekends.

Many schools even charge extra for vehicles and the power supply will be cut off after dispersals of classes and teachers had to sit in the staff room without fans and lights in humid summer.

Not only this, but they also make a fool by saving taxes by transferring 90 $ in your account and they ask you to return 20 $.

There is no job security in teaching schools just hire teachers on a contract basis and for one year.

Only after a year they just throw them outside of the school or keep continued for the 2nd semester without any increment in salary.

This scandal is not only till one school, but these shady tactics followed by all private schools. Even political parties know this but they take bribes and ignore this.

Note:- This doesn’t get followed in government jobs and in some good private schools.

Bus Conductor:

Yes, this job is considered a good job till the 1980s but now the world is changed too much because of the good connectivity of railways, private buses, taxis, cabs,s, etc.

Not only this soon hyperloop will be introduced which can replace the traditional railway system.

The average income of a private bus conductor according to a survey is 600$ to 650$ per year. Some of the bus conductors don’t get holidays on any weekend or festivals, no allowance or bonuses.

You have to shout for customers if the majority of the seats are vacant.

Problems don’t end here many people still travel without tickets in India and just beat the bus conductor if asked to buy the ticket or to pay a fine.

No, fixed working hours and sometimes you have to sleep on the bus only.

If any mischief or accident happened then the whole blame is on the head of the bus driver or the bus conductor.

However, in the job of a government bus conductor, this scenario is some different but still, it had some same problems.

Government bus conductor even has a danger of losing a life. The bus drivers and conductors are allotted a different vehicle every time they undertake a new journey and sometimes they had to choose new routes.

Main threats occur in riots when people mainly target public properties to show their disappointment towards any issue.

Zari Artist:

This career is one of the traditional careers. As you have understood that traditional also means outdated, yet it is still practiced in many regions of India.

The invention of new machines, better technologies, and big factories has replaced zari workers.

However, this doesn’t wipe out all employments opportunities in the zari market yet it decreased the income of zari workers.

This career is traditionally practiced by Muslims in UP and in Surat the state of Gujarat.

This career gets hardly hit during lockdown because of the absence of capital and lack of knowledge about technology. 80% of the Surat lending is from informal sources, which charge a high rate of interest

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