Refundable airline tickets depend on the airline policy on booking a ticket. However, many airline operators offer refunds to travelers who cancel their flights for some reason. The bottom line is that most airline companies lose money to some of this popular cancellation of tickets. 

Travelers will always want to get the best for the most affordable price when booking an airline ticket. This is because these tickets are one of the most costly things now, and when the policy states that it is not refundable, that is the worst of it all. Some airlines may even charge you money each time you cancel your flight while some will offer you a full refund. 

Can I get a full Refund on airline tickets

The argument is that some companies won’t even refund you, asking whether you can get a full refund is on another level. However, some airline companies don’t mind refunding you full, but you must follow their policies on airline tickets cancellation. 

So, When booking airline tickets, there’s always an option to book refundable airline tickets. Many people miss this aspect when they are rushing while others simply don’t know what it means. 

If you book a refundable ticket, you won’t have to argue before you get refunded after cancellation. 

Are refundable flights tickets the same as the normal one? No. The price of a refundable ticket is higher than the normal ticket price. 

Airline that offer Refundable tickets 

United airlines 

This airline gives only 24 hours to cancel the flight after booking. However, they will offer 100% refunds on your ticket fee. Those who cancel after 24 hours will have to pay cancellation charges of about $200. 


Southwest doesn’t just give strict rules on cancellation of airline tickets. They have an easy to refund policy that allows people to cancel their flights at any time and get a full refund without charges. 

One amazing thing about them is that their soft refund rules apply to both the economy and business class tickets. 

Delta airlines 

Generally, I will pick delta airline over others when it comes to local flights ticket canceling policies. You can book Refundable airline flights or non-refundable tickets. Though the good thing is that you can get refunds on the non-refundable ticket by paying just a little fee. 


Jetblue offers Refundable tickets which are clearly costlier than normal tickets. The cancellation fee for the non-refundable is also little when you compare it with other airline cancellation fees. 

Note: you won’t be able to cancel vacation package tickets. 

American airline 

This particular airline offers refunds if you cancel your flight 24 hours after booking but a fee of around $200 may apply if you cancel later. 

Frequently asked questions 

Which airline gives 100% refunds

Southwest and delta airlines offer 100% refunds when you cancel 24 hours after booking the flight tickets. 

What are fully refundable airline tickets

They are tickets that you can get full refunds of your money when you choose to cancel your booking. They are, however, more costly than nonrefundable tickets. 

Are all airline tickets refundable

Not all airline tickets are refundable as it depends on the airline company’s policy on ticket refunds. 


Refundable airline tickets are very important if you are skeptical about the journey. Though they cost more than nonrefundable tickets, they are worth it when you are not still sure about the trip. 

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