Manage Remote Teams
Manage Remote Teams

There’s no secret in how the global pandemic managed to force companies into restricting their entire organization.

After the coronavirus outbreak, pandemic, and lockdown in 2020 the country faced major challenges including adapting ways to keep businesses afloat in a destabilized economy.

The unprecedented events have managed to leave their impact on the business of all sizes. Not just the solopreneurs but small businesses and big corporations are yet unable to get back on their feet like before.

Not only business but people part of corporate America have seen their lives jumbled up. The inspired, motivated, and happy employees in the workspace are now working half-heartedly in their jobs to keep their houses and companies running.

Similarly, the executives are suffering from all that is going around as well.

However, now things have started changing. With restrictions easing and normalcy back in the picture, it is time to fix and build a strong and productive team that is still working from home.

Let’s be honest there is something extremely demotivating waking up every morning just a few steps away from your workstation. Not having the opportunity to grab a coffee on the way to the office and having to see the previously established routine vanished, all of this is causing stress to the team working from home.

While you are working from the office, you are there for work. You do not waste your time struggling to find the right place where the internet strength is appropriated and you do not even get up from your chair to complete the house chores.

While having Cox Internet Packages in the home can make remote work easier, but the environment also makes the employee feel more in tune with whatever is happening around them. The environment makes them easily distracted and eventually less productive.

Therefore, if you are an executive, manager, team leader, or just someone who cares about the working process of the team, then there are some things you can do.

To ensure your team remains discipline and improves you need to do as follows:

Build Communication Channels

Working from home means that you are constantly in meetings related to project work, and also one-on-one conversions. This is because without having a conversation there is no other way to get work done remotely.

Here we recommend trying picking up one channel where you can have direct communication throughout the team. Instead of coming for one person conversion try indulging everyone into the thought. By doing so, you can not only make others feel part of a big plan but also avoid indulging some people in unnecessary calls and meetings.

This helps the team on consuming much better in their work instead of prepping for the elongated online meetings that eventually disrupt their working flow.

There are great tools that can help you ensure secure and fluid conversation with your team. The favorite surely is Slack, Asana, and Zoom but more.

Slack, for instance, allows you to optimize your workflow and comminution into channels that have all the staff members having their own separate conversation space.

Of course, you and your team members need to have a good internet connection to ensure uninterrupted conversation remotely.

Be Flexible

For many people having the opportunity to work from home is completely new.

Instead of expecting your team to behave completely normally with the mega transition, is not the most sensible thought. Instead of you are responsible for assigning tasks and decides responsibility among the team members then it is better to be a little flexible in your approach.

Employees these days have to manage their homes, kids, and also a little world outside their home. Keeping all this in mind, having the opportunity to sit down in the workstation without having any distractions seems like a dream for many.

Therefore, make sure you do not end up demotivating employees more with the work pressure.

Consider Employee Needs

Like we said the whole work from the home process is extremely new and satisfying for many employees, therefore, it is important to keep their needs in mind.

Employees’ comfort should be in mind while deciding the remote working policies and directing work.


The time is tough with the normalcy at large is nowhere to be seen. Therefore, instead of creating unrealistic expectations from your team, it is time to get united and work through the hardships.

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