Travel agent Salary now depends on many factors which include your experience, the types of travel advice and packages you sell.

Do you also know that many entrepreneur agents now look up to host agencies to earn enough money? Though, That doesn’t mean employee travel agents earn less than other professionals. 

There is a catch of mismatch when it comes to travel agents work. However, I will reveal to you the average salary a travel agent worker takes home. Note that different regions have different salary scales for travel agents. 

Average Travel agents in the United States make $29 per hour. The salary range depends on years of experience. 

Agents with 0 to 2 years of experience will earn more than agents who have 7 to 15 years of experience. 

Travel agent Salary in different U.S. Cities 

Salary can range from $28,800 for starters who have zero experience and $96,900 for those who have been in the business for a long time. However, the city where you are working can influence how much you make. Below is a table showing the average salary you should expect working in some of these cities. 

City  Travel agent Salary 
Los Angeles, CA  $71,766
Phoenix, AZ  $66,241
Fort Wayne, IN $59,201
Orlando, FL  $53,748
Houston, TX  $51,261
Las Vegas, NV  $50,331
San Antonio, TX  $49,019
Long Island city, NY  $47,308
Tulsa, OK  $42,318

How much do self-employed Travel agents make

Self-employed agents who don’t answer as employees to host agents are now increasing by the day because of freedom. This type of agent will always earn high as they can work for multiple host agents. 

These types of travel agencies use another company’s accreditations and registration to offer advice to customers. 

They earn $25,000 per year 

How much do employee Travel agents earn? 

Being a travel agent employee can be rewarding since there may be other benefits apart from just the salary. 

Employee travel agents earn $39,000 per year plus other bonuses that can come with it. 

One thing that makes employees earn well is the compensation model which gives them the opportunity to earn up to 70% on certain deals. 

Facts that can influence Travel agent Salary

The amount of salary you should expect depends on the following factors I will list here. 

Experience: someone with 5 to 10 years of experience will always earn more than someone starting out. 

City/location: A travel agent working in one of the biggest cities in the United States will earn more than someone managing themselves in a local area. 

Education: Education can play a role in your salary as a travel agent. People with certificates will earn less than a degree holder in the industry. 

Gender: the law don’t give room for gender discrimination but in literal sense, women attract more customers in the tourism world. So, they earn more than their male counterparts. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is it hard to be a travel agent

Even someone with a Secondary school certificate can work as a travel agent. You have to find an agency in your location who needs a worker and apply. 

How much do most travel agents make

Travel agents make from $28,000 to $70,000 depending on your experience. 

How can a travel agent make 6 figures

You can make 6 figures if you have good experience and are ready to handle many tasks that will bring in much commission. 


Travel agent Salary can vary greatly based on your experience in the field and ability to bring in customers. 

Many people who work in the travel industry enjoy other benefits like free travel and commissions from sales and referrals.

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