Travel Nurse salary depends on many factors since their work is not going to be fixed in one place for a very long period of time. They have the right to move from one place to another while offering their nurse services. 

Being a travel nurse is like having one of the most unique professions in the world that won’t confine you in one place. 

Moving from one place to another makes them negotiate for better wages depending on their qualifications, season and location. 

A travel Nurse hourly wage stands at $56.4 and that’s on the high side. Some even argue that Staff Nurses earn less than travel nurses, but that’s something you will learn in this article since their salary depends on many factors. 

What is Travel Nurse Salary? 

Travel nurses make $50 per hour on average and $100,000 per year for experienced travel nurses. 

Aside from the cash they make, there are some other benefits they receive like free accommodation, food, free trip and insurance. 

Some of these are what many staff nurses will not get. However, that doesn’t mean travel nurses don’t have their own downsides. 

A very hardworking travel Nurse will earn by changing location from an area that pays less wages to a location that pays high. 

You can even earn more as a travel nurse by working with multiple agencies, which means that you will maximize your engagement time. 

U.S. States where travel nurses earn high salary 

U.S. State

Travel Nurse annual salary 

Wyoming  $105,304
West Virginia  $102,645
New Hampshire  $114,727
Pennsylvania  $100, 907
New York  $118,145
Montana  $99,314
Washington  $97,787
Tennessee  $93,856
Rhode Island  $95,210
Ohio  $93,131
Virginia  $89,912
Wisconsin  $94,014

Other Benefits of being a travel nurse 

  • Free accommodation: if you are going to take a long time at your work, like a couple of weeks for assessment, you will be given free accommodation and it’s different from your main salary. 
  • Free travel: you can travel from one state to another under full sponsorship. Sometimes, you will receive travel allowance to cover up for your travel expenses. 
  • Insurance: this is one of the important parts of being a travel nurse, when there’s no more worries since you are provided with full insurance coverage. 

How can a travel Nurse earn high? 

You can still maximize your salary as a travel nurse apart from working in any of these locations. 

Also, as a travel nurse. Make sure you consider the cost of living. Some jobs may offer you some other benefits but if you refuse to put into consideration the cost of moving from one place to another, you may not make money in the end. 

  • Specialization: nurses who have a particular specialty where they are good in will always earn more than general nurses.
  • Join more agencies: you should not depend only on one agent to meet up with what you want. This way, you won’t lack work. 
  • Secure nursing license in more states: don’t confine yourself in one state with only a single nursing license. Work to have multiple states licenses to have access to work in other choice locations. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the most paid travel nurse Specialization? 

The ICU and surgical are the most paid nurse specialists in the United States. 

Is it worth it to be a travel nurse

Yes. The pay is high and the job gives full chances for nurses to explore options and not be confined in one place. 

Why is the travel nurse salary so high

They accept to work in difficult conditions and in places that experience nurse shortage. The traveling part of it makes the work even more risky. 


Travel Nurse salary can always grow as you acquire experience to handle more difficult conditions. 

Travel nurses also enjoy one of the best work benefits with free accommodation, insurance and many others. 

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