Visiting Trinidad and Tobago requires a valid visa for foreign travelers who are not citizens of countries with free entry into Trinidad and Tobago. 

It is a nice decision to visit this island for vacation, business or education. Your travel plans to this country may require a different type of visa; depending on your travel goals. 

Some countries like the USA, Canada, Ghana, Argentina, Belize, Jamaica, Barbados, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and many other countries have visa free access to this island. So, if you verify your country status and you need a visa to visit Trinidad and Tobago, then continue reading as I show you how to apply for a visa. 

Trinidad and Tobago visa requirements 

Before you rush to apply for a visa, you must understand all the important requirements for visa application. Below is a list of all the requirements you need before applying for visa:

  • Your valid passport 
  • Visa application form (download the form and fill it out) 
  • Your travel itinerary (with a return ticket) 
  • Coloured Recent passport photographs
  • Record of your health statement 
  • Police criminal records (police clearance statement) 
  • Health insurance plan that should cover all your medical needs while in the island 
  • Proof of accommodation (place where you will stay) 
  • Letter of invitation (if important) 
  • Bank account statement with enough money to cater for your stay in the country 
  • Marriage, birth certificate 
  • Letter from your home school stating that you will return for your studies after your stay in Trinidad and Tobago 
  • Letter from your current employer stating that you will return back to your job after staying in this country. 

Requirements in general depend on the visa type you are applying for. Apart from just a visit or tourist visa, there are others like Business visa, investor visa, students visa and work visa. There are others you can apply for if applicable to your condition. 

Trinidad and Tobago visa: How to Apply 

If you have the requirements above, then follow my guidelines here to apply for your visa now. 

  1. Provide all the documents you need for this visa application 
  2. Go to the nearest Embassy in your country to book an appointment for visa application (they will give you list of other documents to provide) 
  3. Submit all the needed documents in Trinidad and Tobago embassy nearest to you 
  4. Processing your visa will only take about 10 business days. The embassy will then contact you directly to come and collect them. 

If you applied for a tourist visa, then it will be valid for 90 days while other visa types will have longer validity. During your visa application at the embassy, you will make payments for your visa application. It may cost from $53 to $85 depending on whether it’s multiple entry or single entry.

Frequently asked questions 

Do I need a visa to visit Trinidad and Tobago

Some countries don’t need a visa to visit Trinidad and Tobago but some other countries may have to apply for a visa before entry. 

How much is a Trinidad and Tobago visa

Single entry visa Will cost $53 while multiple entry will cost you $85

How long does it take to get a Trinidad and Tobago visa? 

Your visa application will be out in 10 days. However, it can still take more than 4 weeks depending on the country you are applying from. 


Trinidad and Tobago visa requirements are not difficult to meet. Processing the visa will also not take much time like other countries with many applicants. You must also remember to apply for residency permit if you want to overstay your 90 days visa validity date.

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