The TSA precheck application process is easy since many people are now using it to beat the long queue at the massively-long security checking line. 

Apart from missing your flight, one other thing that may frustrate you is the long security checks that will take many minutes. However, if you can sign up for TSA precheck, you will not have to worry about any form of long queue on security checks which will eventually delay your plans. 

Customers who wish to apply for TSA precheck will get VIP treatment with faster security checks. Besides, nobody loves unnecessary delays. So, taking up this precheck is a wise move. 

Facts you must know about TSA precheck

This service provides a special number to its members which every eligible airline uses to give them special treatment at the airports. 

You must add your known traveler number when booking a flight reservation. This number is what will show you are eligible to get TSA precheck. 

Then you will use the dedicated security line to fasten the process of security checks. 

Not all airlines will offer a TSA precheck advantage to you because not all the airlines in the United States are working with TSA precheck. 

Your children under 12 years old don’t need to have a special TSA precheck. However, they must be traveling with someone who is a member of TSA precheck. 

TSA precheck works like Global Entry, but TSA precheck only functions in US local flights while Global entry works in international flights. 

TSA precheck requirements 

This program is available to the U.S. Citizens who wish to get special treatment at some airlines in the United States. 

Other nationals can apply for TSA precheck but they must posses permanent residence (green card) 

  • The application procedure is done online but you will have to visit any of the over 350 registration centers across the US. 
  • You must be ready to pay for the application fees which are just $78 and your membership will last for 5 years. 
  • Members renewal will cost only $70. 

How to Apply for TSA precheck

Follow this guide to register for TSA precheck. 

Apart from citizens of the United States, permanent residence (green card) holders can also apply for TSA precheck. 

  1. Open TSA precheck application website using any device. 
  2. Check if you are eligible by answering all the questions. 
  3. Upload documents that show who you are. (identity documents) 
  4. Select the enrollment center nearest to you and prepare for the interview. 
  5. Go for the TSA precheck application interview which will take only 10 minutes or even less. This interview will help understand that you are a real person who has legal immigration status. 
  6. It will cost you $78 to fulfill the registration requirements. You will receive your own known traveler number if you are successful. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I get a TSA precheck for free

Yes. With an attempt to introduce you to the program, you may receive free membership. TSA precheck can also be given to a person who has good credit as credit benefits. Military personnel may also get TSA precheck as a benefit. 

Is it worth it getting a TSA precheck

Well, if you travel frequently, you will benefit a lot from this program. 

For how long does TSA precheck approval take? 

The approval process may take from 3 to 5 days. However, it can even be faster in some cases. 


TSA precheck application can be the answer to those annoying long queues you encounter in airline security checks. 

You will have access to a reserved line that will make things work out faster than you can even imagine. 


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