Are you planning to apply for the TSA Precheck and you want to know the total cost? Well, the Cost is $78 but I will love to show you some facts you need to know about this price tag. 

The cost looks very small when compared to the value it provides right? There’s a reason for that. This program is a move to make the airline boarding process faster than what it used to be. Travelers who use TSA precheck can always testify that they are enjoying the service with just the little membership fee. 

What you should know about TSA Precheck

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a program with the aim to help passengers get faster security checks before boarding the flight. 

There’s a membership fee for anyone who wishes to receive the full benefits of TSA. 

You won’t have to wait with other people but have access to expedited passage since there will be a minor check on you. 

Always input your Known Traveler number when booking any local flights to receive your benefits as a member.

When you reach the security line of the TSA, you will not have to remove your jacket, shoe, belt, or even take out your laptop from the bag. It’s such a simple step and you are done with security checks. 

How much does it cost to Apply for TSA precheck

The cost of TSA precheck as of today is $78 for online applications. Some centers do charge $85 which is not much different from paying for the fee online. 

This membership will last for 5 years if they approve your request to join them

How Does TSA precheck worth it? 

Well, you receive premium security checks every time you fly. So, I will say that spending around $1.3 every month to have the fastest check is worth it. 

You won’t be afraid of delays even if you are a bit late to the airport. 

Getting TSA Precheck cost free 

Do you know you can get TSA precheck membership for free, without paying any dime? Yes, that’s possible. You may need to save your $78 for another thing if you fall under this category. 

  • Military personal: they receive this as part of the benefits for their services 
  • Hotel gifts: top hotels in the United States can offer customers precheck membership just to increase the relationship. 
  • Transportation Security Administration: TSA can also give the membership to some lucky few just to try out the services. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the cost of TSA precheck? 

The membership for precheck will cost you $78 for a whole 5 year membership. 

How do you get a TSA precheck for free

You can get it as a hotel gift, benefit if you are a military personnel, as a gift from the Transportation Security Administration. 

Who is eligible for TSA precheck? 

You must be a U.S. Citizen or a permanent residence to apply for it. 


TSA precheck is a program that enhances the security flow in most U.S. Airports. Members get dedicated security lines to get faster security checks but non-members will have to queue for many extra minutes before they can be done with security checks. 


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