TSA precheck Renewal: The Ultimate guide on how to renew TSA precheck

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

TSA precheck Renewal is very important if you don’t want to lose all the benefits you have been enjoying as a member. So, it will be more fun to renew your membership 6 months before it finally expires. 

You are Happy with the VIP benefits you receive as a member. Have you ever thought about flight life without a TSA precheck? Yes, it will be very difficult to align with time wastage when you have been receiving dedicated security lines for five years. 

For me, I won’t even think about letting my members expire before renewal. The stress of long and unending queues will not be bearable. They say good things don’t last forever, but I would really want my TSA precheck membership to last forever. So, I have to renew it at the right time. 

The perfect time to renew your membership 

The wise decision is to follow TSA precheck’s own recommendation which is to start the process two months before it expires. However, the TSA law gives all members the rights to process for renewal when it’s Six months to expire. 

Some members don’t even know when their membership will expire. Are you part of those who don’t know when their TSA will expire? Then login to your profile in the TSA portal to review your membership and learn its expiration date. 

How do I renew my TSA precheck 

Have you confirmed that your membership is about to expire? Then follow me as I show you through the right guidelines to renew your membership fast. 

  1. Login to your online TSA profile. You will see a column with “renewal” click it. 
  2. This step is where you provide your TSA precheck details which includes; Known Traveler Number (KTN), date of birth and your name. 
  3. This step is the most important part of your membership renewal. You will have to answer questions about your profile, and many other security questions. The program expects that you don’t fail any of them. Some members have been complaining about how their account was suspended because of this step. So, take it easy and supply the correct answer to each question. 
  4. After answering these questions, you then wait for the notification. It may take 2 days to 7 days for your renewal request to be answered. 

Cost of TSA precheck Renewal 

Your account renewal is not free. You will have to make a payment of $70 to renew on the website but if you go to one of the centers, you will have to pay a $78 renewal fee. 

You may also get free renewal fees from your credit card issuer. 

If you are now a military personnel, you won’t have to pay for this service again.

Frequently asked questions 

Can I renew my TSA precheck online

Yes. You can use the website, login to your profile, enter in your KTN, date of birth and name to renew your membership. 

How do I know my TSA precheck expires

You can either login to your account or check the emails they send to you. Persons who can’t do any of these can visit their center to review their membership. 

Can I renew my TSA precheck if it expires

Yes. You can renew your TSA precheck membership when it expires but doing it early will be more beneficial. 


TSA precheck Renewal will cost you $70 and it also lasts for five years. 

The program expects members to renew their membership 60 days or even 6 months before it finally expires. 

You won’t receive benefits if you allow it to expire. 

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