Do you want to know your TSA precheck status? Then you should know that TSA precheck is an initiative to expedite the waiting at TSA security checks of selected airlines. This program will help you save some minutes while traveling around US territory. There is a dedicated security line for TSA precheck members which is different from the main ‘Overcrowded’ security line. 

You can imagine the time you will save if you just have to stroll and get faster security checks than others. It even becomes more attractive since some of your luggage will not be brought out for examination.

Unlike Global entry that requires all passengers to have been a member of the program before using the service, TSA can allow children below 12 years to enjoy the service if they are traveling with an adult member. 

TSA precheck Status

When you apply for this program, you will have to wait for 3 to 5 working days to receive your Known Traveler number. This special number is what you need when you are booking for airline reservations in the future. 

Remember that the arrival of your KTN can even take longer than 5 days. So, don’t panic when you have been waiting for one month and you haven’t seen it. 

After your online application, and going for the physical interview, you can always check for any update concerning your application status on your TSA precheck account. 

They do send messages to either your phone number or email, so check them to look for their messages. If you are yet to apply for this program then follow me as I walk you to the right way to apply.

How can I apply for TSA precheck

Have you understood all the important details about precheck and you like the program? Then, the next step is to apply and wait for them to approve you. 

  • First step: Use the online application portal to fill in your application details 
  • Second step: On the application portal, you will have to provide all your personal details that will match other documents. 
  • Third step: There’s a questionnaire at this level that you must answer. Provide correct answers and move to next. 
  • Fourth step: you need to select the documents you can provide for the physical interview. 
  • Fifth step: prepare for an interview at one of the 350+ TSA precheck centers around the U.S.

In the interview, you must provide all the documents you selected at Fourth step above. 

It will involve asking you background questions to understand more about yourself. They will go through all the documents you have and everything will not take more than 10 minutes. 

How to check you TSA status after interview 

They should send you a message within 5 working days to notify you if you are approved for TSA precheck. 

If the message did not arrive within 5 days and stretched to one month, it may be that they have too many applications under review. 

You can always login to your online TSA precheck profile to check your status. 

Frequently asked questions 

Who can apply for TSA precheck? 

Anyone who is not a threat and is a U.S citizen or permanent residence card holder. 

What is TSA precheck Status

Your approval or disapproval to become a member of this program. 

Where can I check my TSA precheck Status

You are free to use the official TSA precheck website. Login to your profile and verify your account status. They may also send a text message or email to notify you of your application status. 


Your TSA precheck status can be approved only if you were able to provide all the necessary documents. Your background history can also affect your application. If you have a bad criminal record, your application to join TSA precheck may not work.

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