TSA precheck allows travelers who want to escape the long queue at the airline boarding center and enjoy faster security checks. 

Do you want to avoid all forms of time wastage? Then you should try TSA precheck services. You will wait less time at the dedicated security lines. 

What is a TSA precheck

Precheck is a member based program in the United States. It offers benefits to members who enjoy dedicated security lines in the U.S. Airports. 

There are many airlines that work with TSA precheck to offer fast security check at the airport. Your work as a member is to add the known Traveler Number to flight reservations portal when booking your flight. 

This program is so robust that it can accommodate even children under the age of 12 who want to travel with TSA precheck member. 

TSA precheck cost of membership 

I know you are anxious on the price of this program since there are many benefits. Well, you will be shocked to know that the cost of this special program is only $78. 

This program will last for 5 years before you can renew your membership. So, you will be spending only $1.5 per month. Isn’t that massive? 

Spending such small amount of money to save your time is really a good move. 

Do you know you can also get precheck for free

Yes. If you are a military personal then you will receive TSA precheck as part of the many benefits for servicing the United States. 

You can also get precheck as part of Credit card benefits. 

Hotels can also use this program to reward customers who has been loyal to them. 

Another way you can get precheck for free is if you are lucky to receive it from the marketing team. They always use this method to help people understand how this program works. 

Requirements for TSA precheck

Note that this precheck can only work for travelers who book flights around the U.S territory. It will not work for international flights. 

  • Travelers with criminal record are not eligible for this program 
  • Only U.S. Citizen can apply to this program. 
  • Permanent residence (green card) holders can also apply to be part of this program. 
  • Applicants with fake documents are not eligible to apply for this program. 

Frequently asked questions 

How can I apply for TSA precheck

You should start the process by filling out the online application portal, then move on to the interview center to complete your application. 

What is the benefit of precheck

You will get faster security checks when you want to board flight using the dedicated security lines. 

Must children apply for precheck

Children under the age of 12 can travel without precheck but they should be with adult member to enjoy the service. 

Is precheck same with global entry

No. Precheck work only in United States territory but global entry is for international flights. 


TSA precheck is an initiative of Transportation Security Administration to fasten security checks in the airports. 

It is cheap to Enjoy this program since the cost is around $78, and you can renew after 5 years. 

Military personal can also get free precheck membership for their service to the country. 

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