What Do You Need to Know About Arbitration?

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

Want to know if a legal claim is sound but are concerned about the time, cost, and complexity of litigation? How about having the matter decided on a fixed price basis by an expert who understands your industry and whom you can trust to make the right decision?

CRC Israel recognizes the high cost of litigation, both financially and in terms of time, which is why we offer arbitration services that are both inexpensive and accessible to all enterprises. Our arbitrators can help your company with information on the arbitration process in Israel or general arbitration assistance.

Regardless of the size of your company, you are bound to have a disagreement at some point. Request a free 15-minute legal consultation to learn more about how our arbitration services can benefit your company.

What is arbitration?

Disputes can be resolved through a variety of methods, including negotiation and mediation. Arbitration is one of the most formal methods of alternative conflict settlement, and it is faster and less expensive because it does not involve the courts.

The parties designate trained and neutral third parties, or arbitrators, to resolve the issue. The parties choose an arbitrator who is an expert in their field. Arbitrators are paid on a fixed-fee basis, but if one or both parties retain lawyers to represent them, they may incur additional legal fees.

What kind of experience do CRC’s Arbitration Solicitors have?

  • At CRC Israel, we are happy to provide expert arbitration services to small businesses in Israel. Our attorneys and mediators can help you with the following issues:
  • Contracts should include arbitration clauses.
  • If arbitration is not specified in the contract, persuade the other party to accept it.
  • Find a certified third-party arbitrator.
  • Provide arbitration advise on how to best prepare for the hearing.
  • Assist you with any arbitration meetings or hearings that you may have.
  • Expert arbitration guidance to assist you with the presentation or defense of the claim.
  • Negotiate the best deal for you with the other party.


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