What is a Security Agreement?

A security agreement is a legal document that outlines the lender’s interest in a specific asset or property that functions as collateral to a loan. In case that the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender has the right to foreclose or repossess the property or the asset. A perfect example is that of a real estate deal. People purchase a property and borrow from Banks or Financial institutions to pay for it by giving the property collateral. If the person is unable to pay the installments or any payment as per the terms of the security agreement, the bank can take over the property.

What is a Security Agreement And Mortgage Agreement?

What are the types of security agreements?

There are two types of security agreements.

  • A promissory note

A promissory note is a financial instrument that contains written promises between two parties. One being the note issuers, and the other is the note’s payee. A promissory note typically contains all the terms such as the interest rate, maturity date, place of issuance, the period of repayment, and the confirmation between two parties by valid signatures.

 A promissory note allows a person to get a loan from a financial institution other than a bank. I can be treated as an IOU agreement.

The feature of a promissory note is its specific promise to pay, unlike the IOU agreement, where it only mentioned what one party owes to the other. When a person defaults on the loan, there is no specific term in a promissory note that the lender can occupy. Such times are absent in a promissory message. There is no specific mention as to what would be the course of action if there is a default on the repayment.

Types of Promissory Notes

  • Corporate credit Promissory Notes

They are used for short-term financing. It offers credit sources for companies that are running low on cash. Industries that heavily rely on cash transactions like vendor payments and purchase of raw materials can use promissory notes as collateral with the bank to gain a short-term loan. The interest rate on a corporate promissory note can provide a higher return rate than a mortgage loan. This is because there is a higher risk in promissory note collateral.

A promissory note must be used as a security agreement and has to be registered with the government in which the Securities and Exchange Commission sells them. In SEC, the regulators do a background check and ascertain that the browser is capable of repaying the debt.

  • Investment promissory notes

Investment Promissory notes are like securities. They help maximize the value and thus minimize the risk for an investor. Since the note can be sold, partially owned, and has collateral attached to it, it is registered legally and notarized. In any case, the issuer of the promissory note passes away. The holder of the note will assume ownership of the property as collateral. Hence such terms are already dictated in a promissory investment note so that there is no hostile takeover in such cases.

Such Security agreement notes are usually offered to corporate investors who can handle investing in a high-risk environment. A corporate promissory note can be sold, invested in, and even co-owned with another investor. The corporate promissory note is sold, and the true value makes it an excellent instrument for investment. Instead of waiting for payments to accumulate, one can opt for selling it.

What is a mortgage note?

A mortgage note is a pledge by the borrower that they provide the rights to their property if they can no longer make the repayments towards a loan. A mortgage note is an occurrence of what can be actionable if the borrower cannot repay the loan to cover the remaining amount of the loan.

A mortgage agreement is used if the borrower :

  • Wants to purchase a property like real estate
  • Is Leading someone money to purchase the property
  • Manages a company that makes loans

Purchasing a home or a commercial space is a considerable investment. A mortgage note acts as a collateral agreement if any unfortunate event occurs and the repayment is impossible. On the other hand, a lender will not directly lend the amount to a borrower unless there is a return involved, even when there is a lending risk.

A mortgage note is an agreement that acts as collateral in this case. It is used on a large scale in the banking industry.

The mortgage note is also known as a mortgage contract or a Mortgage form.


To obtain a mortgage note, the borrower must first qualify for the loan. In this case, the debt to income ratio is checked. It is called 28/36, which means that not more than 28 percent of the income must go towards a loan or other mortgage and no more than 36 percent towards the mortgage payment. After this condition is satisfied, the borrower’s credit score is checked, and depending on the score, the loan is approved or disapproved for the borrower. A security agreement is a powerful financial instrument for both the lender and the borrower.

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