In the digital ubiquity decade, every customer is looking for a personalized relationship with their insurance agent. Both parties are required to deliver a more meaningful experience to make the whole process easier.

When it comes to adopting digital marketing strategies, a lot of companies are struggling. When the insurance company grows, the tasks in the digital marketing team’s hand also get doubled. In addition to this, it is hard to allocate marketing efforts during the open enrollment season.

That’s where insurance marketing automation comes into play. In other words, the software can automate the marketing strategies and provide higher conversion leads which will benefit the company. 

Today we will talk about how an insurance marketing agency could take advantage of insurance marketing automation and get the required speed, insights, and outreach that their business needed to succeed in the competitive market. 

What Is Insurance Marketing Automation? 

Automation, in general words, refers to specialized software that helps in making the task automatic which used to be done manually. When talking about making insurance marketing run on automation, we can find various places where this implementation could benefit. According to the reports presented by Accenture, more than 50% of the customers think most insurance companies have the same terms along with products and services. This report is causing panic in insurance providers. Also, only 16% of the customers said they want to do business with the same insurance company once again. 

With the help of insurance marketing automation, the insurers will be able to win back the lost trust and loyalty of modern age digital buyers who are expecting to have a certain level of convenience and flexibility, which a lot of insurers have yet to provide when we compare it to other industries like restaurants and hotels. 

How Automation Will Help In Generating Leads? 

A big challenge of the insurance industry is to change the lead into a customer. In the 21st century gaining leads is becoming significantly tricky as people can easily shop around and compare the services online. The use of insurance automation will help overcome this problem by getting leads from social media, inquiries from websites, and other traffic sources from all over the web. On the other hand, the leads which the insurer gets from the marketing automation is already rated. Thus, it will enable agents to use their best efforts on those potential clients, which could be easily converted into positive results. 

Advantages Of Adapting Insurance Marketing Automation In 2021

1. Increases Productivity

Automation, in most cases, is deployed to simplify the routine and cut down the manual tasks as much as possible. Marketing campaigns have many friction parts, such as emails, sign-ups, landing pages, and CTAs. With automation, one can easily streamline these various tasks and assemble them as one, which leads to fewer chances of getting human error. 

2. Maximize Your Cross-Selling Opportunities 

The probability of selling another service to an existing customer is around 60-70%. While if we compare these numbers with a new client, it only reaches 5-20%. With insurance automation, insurers can suggest customers purchase additional policies which are best suited for their circumstances. 

3. Convert Prospects In A Better Way 

When you input the insurance automation ideas in your marketing, you are not blindly selling your services to prospects hoping they would like it. You will have all the information you need to determine where the prospect is at the scales cycle along with its leads score in addition to real-time engagement alerts. You get to know which emails interest them, click on your website, which social media posts attract their likes, and much more. All of this information will help you pinpoint the prospect’s area of interest.

4. Adaptive Marketing 

With insurance marketing automation, insurers will curate highly personalised paths for each lead. With its artificial intelligence, customer data can be utilised more effectively. Besides, the aid of digital breadcrumbs, which the customers leave behind when they agree to the use of cookies, can also be used as a deciding factor for providing optimal insurance services.


Indeed, there are multiple insurance marketing automation benefits for both the insurance agents and for the company. If we have to put it briefly, we would say automation will give your marketing strategies a massive boost that will take your leads to the next level. You can try an insurance marketing agency depending on your requirement and how much of a marketing budget you want to invest in the agency’s insurance automation ideas. 

As someone who is putting their money into marketing automation, we suggest you take some time in the planning phase. There was a time when only big insurance companies could only afford the price tag of marketing automation software. Still, now even independent insurers can access this technology to increase the efficiency of their workflow.

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