Pipe renewal is used to rehabilitate existing drainage pipes from the inside. This is done by pulling a new pipe inside the old pipe inste

Pipe renewal is used to rehabilitate existing drainage pipes from the inside. This is done by pulling a new pipe inside the old pipe instead of replacing them with new ones. This way, major interventions in houses and gardens are avoided.

No mess up:

Whenever we think to renew the pipes, the first thing that comes to mind is that I will create a mess and need to dig home or garden. But Nrc has advanced technology so no need to dig so we offer you pipes renewal services without any mess.

How does pipe renewal take place?

Before performing a pipe renewal, the cable must be filmed and cleaned. This is done to map the scope of the work to be performed. So you as a customer will get a tailor-made solution for your drain. Pipe renewal is not necessarily the best solution in headwinds or large areas with displaced joints. If you still want to avoid digging, you can renew the pipes with a counterattack and get a smoother surface inside the pipe. Such a solution will require more maintenance, such as flushing once a year.

Pipe renewal occurs by inserting a sock liner into the existing drain pipe. The sock is saturated with Epoxy, which hardens when heat (steam or light) is applied. The result of pipe renewal is a new pipe that can be used as usual on the same day as the work is done.

How to choose pipe renewal?

  • Pipe renewal can be done without major interventions in the house or garden.
  • We use the existing cable during pipe renewal, and unnecessary digging is avoided
  • You avoid finishing work such as asphalt, grass, shrubs, etc.
  • Water and drains will only be closed when the sock is installed. (About 6-8 hours)
  • Pipe renewal will have the same function and service life as a new plastic pipe

Professional services

If you hire professionals, they will reduce future investment and reduce heavy expenses that are frequently replaced. We have a team of experts who know how to renew the pipes without creating any mess and save your time.

Advance types of equipment   

Nrc gravco uses advanced technology to give you satisfied and most convenient services. Sometimes we are afraid that if we do pipe renewal, it will increase our expenses and time-consuming process. But we use advanced technology so we will not dig and then renew your home and garden pipes. We do it without digging.

Low service fee

You think we use advanced types of equipment so we will charge you a high fee for pipes renewal no we will not. We offer you high-quality services at comparatively low charges.


We often need to renew pipes, but we feel hesitation that I will increase the work. When we think about the renewal of pipes first, think comes to mind that there will dig the home, but it’s not we use advanced technology and do it without any digging.



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