What is Sacred Sexuality? 

Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

When we refer to “Sacredness”, more often than not our minds immediately picture something “holy” or “set apart”. Sacredness is a term used to describe something revered or separate from ourselves. While this is not a comprehensive understanding of what sacredness fully implies, this gives us an insight into what sacredness truly is. That which we hold or call sacred is inherently a significant part of us and not necessarily something exterior to us. In fact, this connection which is a part of us (not exterior from us) is what makes anything sacred, to begin with.

To put it simply, nothing that bears the tag “sacred” does so by itself. Our relationship and reverence for a particular thing make it sacred. That means that we alone have the power to determine what is sacred, and what is not. Things do not have the power to become holy or sacred without an established connection or relationship with them. When we establish a relationship with something we can now determine its value and sentimental importance to us. This is largely how we determine sacredness. The usefulness of something and its access to things beyond the physical or ordinary gives one more insight into its importance.

  1. Sacred Sexuality as a path to transcension 

When we say sacred, we inevitably mean something that surpasses our current reality. In the realm of sacredness, we can leave the lowly reality of our lives and enter, dare I say, a mystical realm. With this in mind, sacred sexuality can be itemized into two categories. You can find here more information about sacred sexuality.


  1. As a way to gain self-gratification 

Sacred sexuality could be used for the satisfaction of your needs, wants, pleasure, or cravings of the physical body. Many use Sacred sexuality as a way to satisfy these physical wants for a while before it stirs up again.


  1. As a way to transcend into the mystical realm

Others utilize Sacred sexuality as a way to experience a divine reality or to come into complete self-knowledge. In this state, you will have access to pleasure expanded for longer periods, self-awareness, cosmic awareness, a profound feeling of wholeness, and intense love. In this realm, you will feel fulfilled, whole, connected, and expanded.

Indulging in Sacred Sexuality as a Way to Show Love

Many who practice Sacred sexuality do so as a way to show deep and intimate love. One that transcends this mundane world and enters a new reality of overwhelming, ecstatic union between two parties in love. Sacred sexuality is the crowning act in the practice of true and dignified love. We cannot accurately distinguish the practice of love from practicing Sacred sexuality.

It is not enough that one must seek out love wherever it may be, but also to let love find you. Sacred sexuality is a way to sit back and allow the transformative nature of true love to work in and around you. Allowing yourself to become a beacon by which love can find full expression in our world, and to become living representations of true love.


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