What is the Story of Mirable in Encanto

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The story of Mirabel in Encanto, written by Pedro Aymard, takes place in a small town of Spain, with a population of only a few hundred inhabitants. It is the story of three children: Osvaldo, Alma, and Camilo. Each has a unique personality, but they all share the same dreams, goals, and ambitions. However, their dreams will not be realized if they are not able to find happiness.


One of the main doubt for viewers is How Old is Mirabel in Encanto, Encanto is Disney’s upcoming animated feature film. This movie is set for release in 2021. It features a magical family and a fairy princess. One of the main characters of this film is Luisa, the second oldest child in the Madrigal family.

She is the strongest member of the family. Her ability to lift large objects and buildings with super strength is impressive. But she admits to not being confident.

The character’s real feelings come out in the song “Surface Pressure”. She is often tasked with the physical and emotional weight of the community, and she expresses her fears and concerns. Despite her vulnerabilities, she appreciates her contribution to the community.

Luisa’s relationship with her sister Isabela develops over time. For her fifth birthday, Isabela made a flower crown for Luisa. They spend hours together in her room.


Camilo Mirabel is a young boy in the Encanto series who has the ability to shapeshift into a number of different people. He has an adorable sweet side and an edgy dry wit.

Despite his many abilities, Camilo is not a smart or gifted character. Although he displays a healthy imagination, his powers are not well-developed. Fortunately, he has the help of his family and his grandmother. However, he struggles with his own insecurities and is prone to being pressured.

He is a member of the Madrigal family and is the second-born child of Felix and Pepa. As the family’s middle child, he also has a number of cousins.

The Madrigals are an unusually gifted group. They are able to shapeshift into anyone, anywhere, anytime. Using his power, Camilo is able to help the community and take care of his mother and infant siblings.


Alma of Mirabel in Encanto is the name of a fictional woman. She is a woman who has lived in an unknown village for most of her adult life. Her family includes a husband, Pedro, and three children. Despite her responsibilities, she has managed to keep her spirits high.

The best part of her story is that she is a nice lady who is very protective of her family. However, she has a tendency to be a bit of a diva. When Pepa Madrigal, Alma’s friend, tells her that her granddaughter has been behaving badly, she gets a little snippy.

While she is trying to be a good grandma, Alma is not too keen on her granddaughter’s activities. She is always too hard on her.


Osvaldo Mirabel is a member of the Madrigal family. He’s a short, brown-haired man who wears a mustache and black pants. Despite his appearance, Osvaldo is a generous soul who wants to help others. But he often doesn’t think before he speaks.

Osvaldo appears as a local candy merchant. In fact, he’s the one who gives Mirabel the delivery package. Afterwards, he joins the townspeople in helping to rebuild the Madrigal family’s house.

However, the magic in the Encanto Village is starting to die. The Candlebearers have left. And now the gifts are wavering. This is a problem that must be solved. So, the Madrigals must work together.

Although, they all have different ideas about how to make the Magical House a real home again. They also have different ideas about who is supposed to lead the family.


Encanto is a story of love, family, and cultural importance. It is an animated film produced by Disney. The story follows Mirabel Madrigal, who is the granddaughter of Alma and her late husband Pedro. Her story begins at age six, when she and her siblings were frightened by a village attack. She ran away from home. However, her family was saved, and she was able to understand why her beloved grandfather was unable to come back to life.

Although the story takes place in Colombia, it is an English-language animated film. Jared Bush, director of Encanto, has tweeted that the movie’s creators have not confirmed whether or not the story is based on real events. Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith have also provided the birth dates of the characters in the film.


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