Have you done your utmost in making a website with all the visually attractive features? And do you think it is ample to rank your Word Press site? Please wait a minute and believe that all the search engines are not interested in visual development, but they care about the quality, keywords, tags, and other essentials. So bring all the SEO tactics to your priorities list and let your site rank on all the search engines.

Most of the peeps opt for Word Press to start a website because it is SEO friendly, and even beginners can do their best in it. Are you also a beginner in this field? Okay, hold on and don’t panic, as you will indeed become a pundit in this field within no time.

For this, we are here to provide you with the top Word Press SEO tips that will help you attract traffic to your site. So let’s move towards our tested and inspiring tips.

Introduction to SEO and Its Importance:

If you are running a site, you may perfectly know people’s struggle to rank their site on search engines. No matter how alluring and beautiful craft is used in the website, it is of no use if it is not having top-notch content.

Moreover, if you have not paid much attention to SEO tactics and are not struggling to bring your site to the top of the search engines, it is better to stop your work. Yes, it’s better to quit the job than to keep on working on the site’s visual attraction. You can say that SEO is the magician that can bring your site to a higher ranking and, at first, Google SERP.

Importance of SEO

Our Pro Tips:

  • Set Your Permalinks
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Create a Sitemap For Your Site
  • Use The Themes That Are Search Engine Optimized
  • Use the SEO Plugins
  • Make Your Content Shareable
  • Optimize Your Media
  • Interlinking The Posts
  • Add High-Quality Content
  • Use Accurate Heading Tags
  • Hosting

Setting the Permalinks:

Before writing about setting the permalinks, we have explained this thing. Permalinks are the URLs, and these URLs can be of your website pages as well as the website posts. Mainly, users use these links in the address bars to let the readers reach out to their website. Any other site also uses these permalinks to link with your site and not just the users.

WordPress comes with default permalinks, and you can change the settings according to your requirements.

The best option is to change the default setting to post name. You can change it to /%post name%/ as it is simple to index by Google and other search engines.

Use Google Analytics:

The following vital tip to rank your Word Press site is using the tool of Google Analytics. Through this tool, you can track the traffic of your site and can reach your target audience.

Furthermore, you can use this tool to locate a 404 error page.

Create a Sitemap For Your Site:

A sitemap is your site’s structure, and it can help you out to index your pages by Google. Word Press has a handy plugin named Google XML Sitemaps. And this plugin generates a sitemap on your site. Thus all the search engines will index your site most efficiently.

Use The Themes That Are Search Engine Optimized:

Following all the SEO rules doesn’t mean that you keep all the visual presentation aside. Keep working on the themes as well. But for this, WordPress provides you with a comprehensive collection of themes that are not just attractive, but they are also optimized for the search engines. So you will get both the things in a single place.

Use the SEO Plugins:

WordPress also provides you with many acceptable plugins like,

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO Plugin

All these plugins help you create the best Meta title, Meta Tags, Meta Description, snd related keywords. All these will enhance the on-page SEO through a Google Search Result Snippet preview. So add the usage of these tools to your listings to rank your site on search engines.

Make Your Content Shareable:

Making your content shareable can help you out in attracting traffic to your site. Adding a sharing button on your site can increase credibility, plus people will keep on sharing the content to different social media platforms, thus catching traffic.

Optimize Your Media:

Before uploading any image to your WordPress site, you can change its title. Adding a complex title is not a good thing in SEO; try to give a unique yet straightforward title that must be with a small caption. This will also improve your site’s ranking.

Use Links And Anchor Text Correctly:

One of the most excellent tips to rank your WordPress site is interlinking your posts to other posts of your site. This improves the user experience, and it is a magical tip to increase traffic. So for better results, keep this tip in your consideration.

Add High-Quality Content:

Apart from all the tactics, what is the most crucial need of a ranked site? Of course, every site’s first need is top-notch content, which catches the readers to keep on reading the whole text.

An ideal content is free from grammatical errors, but it is with a unique idea, fully informative, helpful, and actionable. So try to keep all these things in your content.

Use Accurate Heading Tags:

For high-end SEO results, adding the appropriate heading tags is a must to do. Always choose the H1 for the title of your post. The title must clarify your entire content. If the title is informative and precise then it will urge the reader to go through the whole post. After using H1, now it’s turn to place the additional headings at H2, and then use H3 and H4 for sub-headings and so on.

To Sum Up,

These are all the tried and tested tips that we have presented in front of you to get as much help as you can for your WordPress sites. Just follow these tips and let yourself celebrate the high ranking of your site on different search engines.

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