Which California Beach Is For You?
Which California Beach Is For You?

What kind of beach person are you? Do you enjoy surfing the waves, or would you rather watch from a distance? Do you like beach town life, with quaint shops and a ferris wheel, or do you prefer fast action on the water? Or maybe you’d rather just curl up with a book in the sand, and take a nap after a few chapters.

Whatever kind of beach person you are, California offers a locale that is perfect for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the Golden State’s most fantastic beaches, then decide which matches your personality the best.

La Jolla Shores: for surfers and nudists

Whether you’re a pro surfer or have a little one dying to ride her bodyboard, La Jolla Shores is the place to go. This San Diego beach enjoys good weather pretty much all year round.

If you walk just past the pier, you’ll find a rare, clothing-optional beach. If that’s something you’re into, then we’re happy to announce that you no longer have to go to the Caribbean to enjoy sunbathing in the nude. Just don’t forget your sunblock!

Santa Monica State Beach: for carnival and ferris wheel lovers

If getting into the water isn’t your first priority, but you want to enjoy some of that Coney Island spirit on the west coast, then head to Santa Monica State Beach. Stand on the pier at sunset for beautiful pink-red skies. Go for a date and ride the ferris wheel for a romantic night at the beach! It’ll feel like you just stepped into a Hollywood movie.

Carmel City Beach: for introverts

If your fantasy of a day at the beach entails sitting on white sand and reading a good book, then you’ll want to visit Carmel City Beach. At night, head to the south end to snuggle up by a little beach fire. Start one yourself or join the locals to make new friends. This beach has everything for the sun-loving, beach-going introvert.

Coronado Beach: for swimmers or paddle-boarders

Coronado Beach is in San Diego, so you’ll get to enjoy the warmth and sunshine without giant waves. It’s protected by Point Loma, a peninsula that juts out of the mainland. This beach is particularly fun if you’re a newbie paddle-boarder and just want a calm place to practice your balance. As a swimmer, you won’t have to worry about giant waves crashing on you or sweeping you away. For those adventurous enough to attempt yoga on a paddle-board, consider Coronado a step up from lakes and ponds, but not as scary as a river or the open waters.

San Gregorio State Beach: for anyone

This beach in San Mateo County is perfect for pretty much anyone. You’ll enjoy the shops nearby, the local food and wine, and the pristine shores ideal for long walks. If you’re a bird watcher, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a lagoon and a creek just behind the beach where you can watch birds gather and mate. If you love caves and cliffs, San Gregorio has a handful to explore! And finally, for the geologist or paleontologist in all of us, the cliffs are full of fossils, if you just look closely enough.

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