In the old version of CCIE certification system, many people will compare the curriculum systems of the Routing & Switching and the Service Provider. The question of choosing of the Routing & Switching and the Service Provider often becomes the topic of network workers’ discussion. Considering the Service Provider as the teaching core, we often encounter such problems. Now that the new Enterprise Infrastructure of the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure has been released, the Routing & Switching is officially out of the game. Is the new version of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure still comparable with the CCIE Service Provider? How to choose between the career planning and the certification exams?

CCIE Service Provider was originally designed as a technical direction for the global service providers. Because of its orientation, many learners consider it to be a specific direction and not suitable for career development. However, the development of Service Provider technology has already lost its exclusive characteristics of more than 20 years ago. On the other hand, with the emergence of more and more large-scale networks, Service Provider technology has begun to be widely used, especially MPLS VPN,BGP, L2VPN, etc., which are widely used in super large and medium-sized networks such as cross-domain networks, IDC networks, data center networks, and enterprise networks. What the Service Provider and the Enterprise Infrastructure have in common is that they are used in the large networks, like the Enterprise Network or Core Network. It can be said that the architecture of Enterprise Infrastructure cannot be separated from the Service Provider technology, and the new version of Service Provider also integrates the technology of the Software Defined Network.

Since the Service Provider and the Enterprise Infrastructure have the same application scenarios, how can we choose a suitable direction for our own development?

First of all, we need to recognize that this is a transition period from the traditional network architecture to the digital network architecture.

Secondly, you are required to master 20 to 30 percent of the contents about the large network architecture technology of the Service Provider in the Enterprise Infrastructure exam. If you are still in the Routing & Switching stage, it will be difficult for you to achieve the goal of the Enterprise Infrastructure, so you need to deepen your study on the knowledge points of the Service Provider.

Finally, it is the transition stage of the traditional network. Most Enterprise Networks are still in the model of the traditional network architecture, and constantly expanding the existing network scale, which highlights the problem of the shortage of the Service Provider technical talent. Most of the network engineers on the job urgently need to improve the ability of the deployment and troubleshooting in the large-scale networks of the Service Provider. One way to improve this ability is self-study, and the other is to sign up for study. What we suggest is no doubt that signing up for study. It is faster and more efficient, which saves time and improves rapidly, rather than  turning over the documents urgently when confronted with problems. Although the Software Defined Network of the Enterprise Infrastructure has been successfully deployed in some cases, it is still far from universal popularization in the way of the large-scale application and deployment.

Therefore, We have the following suggestions for the choice of the CCIE direction:

If you are an engineer with the multiple CCIE certificates and much experience in the network projects, do not hesitate to choose the certification of the Enterprise Infrastructure. This will prove that you have a deep and systematic understanding of the new technologies, which will help you improve your background and ability. Those who have CCIE Routing & Switching do not need to take the exam, and the certificate will be automatically upgraded. The study of new technology can be obtained through our SDN special courses.

If you just enter the network industry without a lot of project experience without the CCIE certificate, it is recommended to choose the Service Provider certification. Service Provider exam will be easier than Enterprise Infrastructure. From the basic Routing & Switching to the configuration and understanding of the large routing technology, it will help you complete the stable development of your current career quickly and practically.

If you have worked in the network industry for many years without the CCIE certificate, you need to set a future development space for yourself. It is recommended to choose the Service Provider certification. Mastering the Service Provider technology can clearly grasp the deployment of the large network architecture. Also it is the necessary approach to the highest certification which is the CCDE. This is the ultimate dream of network engineers. The CCDE courses of the SPOTO website covers the entire learning content of the Service Provider.

If you are a beginner engineer without any basis, Enterprise Infrastructure may be the same as the Routing & Switching in your view. But in fact, it has changed. Originally, we support that you can learn the Routing & Switching if you do not have any basis. Because Routing & Switching has a short learning cycle and is relatively basic. Now the original Routing & Switching foundation must be solid, in addition, you must fully understand some contents of the Service Provider. At the same time, you have to learn something about in the soft definition and programming technology. It is hard to become a real CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. So if you want to shorten the period to obtain CCIE certification, it is recommended to choose the Service Provider. Of course, if you are confident and have enough time to study, it is not a problem to choose the Enterprise Infrastructure.

In short, the people who do not have any basis are not recommended to obtain the certificate blindly. The atmosphere of obtaining the certificates blindly destroys the value of the CCIE certification. The quick mastery of the content of the new version is finished by the experienced network engineers and network experts who achieve this technical capability.

The certification of the CCIE Service Provider is able to achieve a high reputation after the Cisco canceled the Routing & Switching certification. The Service Provider curriculum system and the teaching method of the SPOTO are also our most powerful core products. There is no need to boast. All students who have learned the CCIE Service Provider are our best proof. Selecting CCIE certification is an expensive, strenuous, and labor-intensive process. Don’t choose blindly and please analyze rationally. CCIE Service Provider certification is a good goal.

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