Why do People Need Arbitration Service?

When a person signs a contract, he or she often agrees to obligatory binding arbitration as part of that contract. To protect themselves from courtroom lawsuits, one party may include an arbitration clause in the fine print. This clause requires the parties to resolve any disputes through arbitration and not to go through the regular court process. Accordingly, an arbitration agreement implies that the parties will not sue each other. Further, the parties agree that the arbitrator’s decision is final, and they waive their right to appeal if they don’t like it.

Arbitration is a private process that is not open to the public. A party may make the arbitrator’s decision public if it is needed for enforcement purposes. The decision is also confidential.  In situations where the subject matter of the dispute could cause embarrassment or reveal private information, such as a client list, both of these safeguards can be useful. A perfect arbitration service can help you to resolve any issue related to all of these we mention.

Most reliable Arbitration Service 

Our arbitration services are affordable and accessible to all businesses because, at CRC Israel, we understand the high costs of litigation, both financially and in terms of time. Our arbitrators can assist you with information about the arbitration process in Israel or general arbitration advice.

A dispute is likely to arise at some point in the course of your business, no matter how large or small. We can help you to


  • Help you to avoids hostility
  • Our service is cheaper than litigation
  • Faster than litigation
  • Flexible
  • Simplified rules of evidence and procedure
  • Full private service


With Our Arbitration Service, you’re in good hands

CRC Isreal ensures the most affordable arbitration service to the clients. We will help you to solve any kind of issue between parties. In general, our arbitration proceedings are conducted in private. Parties sometimes agree to keep the final resolution and the proceedings confidential. Our arbitration panel consists of highly qualified individuals with expertise in the subject matter, and we ensure that they are independent of any financial or other interests in the result of the dispute. With our services, we refer construction and engineering disputes to decision-makers with extensive experience and expertise in solving these disputes.


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