Before I answer your question on “Why are airline tickets so expensive?”I would like you to know that many other commodities apart from flight tickets are now very expensive. So, is that why airline tickets are now expensive? Well, the maintenance cost of an airplane and the jet fuel is now very expensive and that’s part of the reason why tickets are now very expensive. 

Airline tickets costs are now around 30% higher when you compare it to what it was before Covid-19 Pandemic. But you must be asking why it should be that high when things are already taking shape after the Pandemic. That’s because there are other factors affecting the airfare other than the virus. Generally, things are now more costly than what they were. Although, continue reading as I outline some of the factors making airplane tickets so expensive. 

Why are airline tickets so expensive? 

Because there’s high prices in maintaining airplanes and the cost of jet fuel is topping the root. There are many other factors I will reveal to you. 

Price of jet fuel 

Jet fuel adds to the high cost of airline tickets now since planes cannot move without it. 

After the Covid-19 spread lowered down in many countries and people began to travel like they normally do. Do you know what happened? This rise in demand for air travel made the cost of jet fuel shoot up to the highest level. The cost of traveling also has to follow suit and that’s what prompted many to begin questioning “Why is airline tickets so expensive” 

Events and festivals 

The price of airline tickets has to go up because of high demand in some of the popular festive seasons. The rush big events create can put a lot of pressure on airlines which will now push the price of flight tickets up. Holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New year, Carnivals are some of the popular events that may affect the cost of flight tickets.

Workers shortage 

It is no news that there’s currently a shortage of staff working with airlines because of the Covid-19 and other factors. 

Many airline companies did lay-off some workers because their service was no longer needed. However, when things begin to work again, there’s no staff to perform the job. Many pilots do not have the appetite to fly because of uncertainty in their places of work. 

Another reason why airline tickets is so expensive is failure to buy on the right time. Remember that the price does fluctuate from time to time. So, it will be very beneficial to buy a ticket when the cost is reasonably low. You can buy tickets for a future flight in 2 months advance for local flights and 8 months advance for international flights .

Frequently asked questions 

Why are flights so expensive right now

There’s an increase in the cost of maintaining airplanes and also, the cost of jet fuel has increased dramatically over the last few years adding to the cost of flights. 

How to save money on airfare right now

You can save money by booking your flights at the right time. Book at 4am or 5am in the morning. Also buy tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to save money. 


Why airline tickets are so expensive can be traced to many factors like cost of maintaining airplanes, cost of jet fuel, shortage of airline staff and frequent flight disruption. So, it is left for you to prepare yourself and book flights on the best time to avoid wasting money. 

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