Why should businesses use a VPN?

From start-ups to CAC 40 companies and medium-sized companies, the use of a VPN is essential. The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted companies to reinvent themselves, in particular by massively offering telework to their employees. The data processed by employees is often sensitive and private, the VPN gratis

 is a solution to secure this confidential data.

Whether professionally or personally, the majority of Internet users have already noticed that the advertisements on their social networks or certain web pages match their previous searches. For good reason:  all transmitted data is read and analyzed. The use of a Virtual Private Network makes it possible to curb this reading, in addition to the other advantages it offers

How a Virtual Private Network works

When an Internet user wishes to connect to a site, he enters a domain name. This domain name switches to the IP address of the website. During this use, the data is transmitted to a server, which itself translates the data. However, when the data is transmitted, the IP address is sent and all information derived from it as well. 

The data is no longer secure and hackers take advantage of this flaw to inject viruses or steal sensitive data. With itop vpn, the data is protected and you can no one can use it. When an Internet user sends information online, the Virtual Private Network creates a tunnel that encrypts the information so that users can use the Internet securely.

The data that is transmitted in the professional context is often confidential: financial, human resources or new development. If ever a badly caring person obtains this information and you can easily VPN gratis senza registrazione ,the fallout can quickly be problematic for the company. Clearly, a Virtual Private Network allows:

Why Businesses Need a VPN?

  • Better online security;
  • Privacy while browsing;
  • Safer public WiFi networks.

Better online security

Since the entire connection is encrypted using powerful algorithms (and therefore unreadable by hackers). All confidential data such as passwords, bank details, health records of certain employees, etc. are protected.

Increased privacy while browsing 

Since the iTop VPN changes the IP address, browsing is much more private.  Indeed, the software circumvents geographical blockages and does not offer the possibility of associating identity and location thanks to the IP address. Another positive point, thanks to a change of IP address, the location can be changed.  For example, a company located in France can decide to take an IP address located in the United States and thus access certain content only available in the USA.

Safer Public Wi-Fi Networks

In the train, in the restaurant or in the hotel, the use of public WiFi is not an isolated act, it has even become common, carried by the nomadism of certain workers. However, public networks are absolutely insecure and hacking is child’s play for hackers. In public spaces, the use of VPN is required. Thanks to encrypted data, browsing on WiFi networks open to everyone becomes safer.


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