Why women's shouldn't to travel in India ?

As we all know India is a developing country, not a developed country. So the mindsets of Indians are also not developed, yet developing.

So, I’m here to tell you about the following reasons why women should not travel to India.

  1. The threat of getting raped for wearing sleeveless clothes or western-style clothes. Even local police will question you for wearing these types of clothes if you might get a victim of rape.
  2. You should not travel alone at night because of the threat of getting robbed, raped, and murder.
  3. You should research more about the hotel in which you will stay became hidden cameras might be waiting for your filmography.
  4. Don’t buy any so-called antique items from the roadside of famous monuments.
  5. Please always keep a duplicate copy of your passport and other important documents. Especially while traveling in the metro take care of your smartphone and wallet.
  6. Don’t forget to note down the contact details of your foreign embassy.
  7. Strictly follow the travel advisory of your country.
  8. Don’t blindly trust online reviews and other details of hotels, contact through phone number. ( Note:- Some hotels even not take care of your luggage.)
  9. Don’t get baited by any so-called tourist guide they will just only misguide you and you will finish by getting robbed. ( Note:- You can hire any  tourist guide from any trusted or registered authority.)
  10. Don’t get in the trap of any friendly behaving Indian boy, he will just show his real color by doing bad touch.

Even India’s capital is not safe for solo women.

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