Why you should not travel to India

India is a country of cunning scammers, so beware of anyone who is too good with you instead of your travel guide. If you will type the question: “Is India a dangerous place to visit?”

Then you will most likely to get this result ⬇⬇⬇

“India is much safer than many other parts of the world, though as a foreigner, you will be subjected to a high level of harassment in the country. … India is crazy, and not everyone can handle solo travel there; but it’s not a particularly dangerous country, even for women travelers. “

This answer was given on a forum name lovelyplanet.com. But the reality is disguised by these types of the blind nationalist. Now I am going to talk about small scams or threats that may happen to you.

Transportation Cost

Many local means of transport charge more amount than their normal price and many of them even steal or some of them may rob you. Beware of any shortcuts in India because this very common scenario where transport might attempt some fraud especially women.

Danger Of Getting Raped

I had already posted an article that ” Why women shouldn’t travel to India? Why women shouldn’t travel to India?

Pro tip:  Don’t travel by standing on public transport. Someone can do bad touch with you.

Clean Water Scarcity

More than 50% of the population has no access to safe drinking water and about 200,000 people die every year for lack of access to safe water. India is currently facing the biggest crisis in its history. … About 82% of rural households are without piped water supply. Now you can understand the situation. Now don’t think that you will buy the water bottle because in India there are many tourist places that don’t have storage facilities. If you even manage it to buy you have to pay over price than M.R.P aka Maximum Retail Price and sometimes they just give you fake water bottles with a real price.

Beware of Hotels

The reality is some different from those catchy Internet images and reviews, so just make phone calls to the hotel and know about the real conditions, surroundings, and prices. Some hotels even charge you for basic needs like WiFi, food, water, parking and some even charge you for luggage.

Antique Items Fraud

This scam is very popular in India every year many foreign tourists get in the trap of these so-called antique pieces. In this trap usually, any unknown person tries to sell you some products by pretending them precious and antique and sell you at High prices in comparison to real prices. This fraud is sometimes even committed with the help of your tour guide or anyone who tries to be too good.


As you are aware that India is so crowdy so snatchers always in seek of snatching something whether it is pickpocket or purse snatching, phone and jewellery. If you are a woman then you will definitely bad touch by someone so aware while traveling in public.


If you become a victim of some crime or a victim of a scam then no one is going to help you, even you have to bribe the police to report an F.I.R aka First Information Report, so keep some money in your e-wallet as well as in physical wallet.

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